How to Delete Google+ Account from your Gmail Account?

Google+, a social networking platform by the search giant Google is the second largest most popular social network in terms of active users. Whenever you create or sign up for a new Gmail account a new Google+ account will be automatically created for you and you will receive the notification in your inbox. However, not everyone uses Google+ but almost every Gmail user has a Google+ account. If you are looking for a way to delete your Google+ account from Gmail account then this tutorial will help you to do that.

How to Delete Google+ Account

Step 1: Sign in to Gmail account by visiting Once signed in, click on your profile icon and select account from the drop down menu. (Refer image below)
Step 2: In the next page, you will find various options including personal info, Security, Language, History and Data tools. Click on Data Tools to proceed.
Step 3: Again, under Data tools, you will find options like Dashboard, Download data, Me on the web and Account Management. Click on Delete Google+ profile and features beside Account management section.
Step 4: Now a pop up window will appear to confirm your decision. Before you proceed take some time to read all the information given in the page.

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