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PhotoLine is a full featured raster graphics editor for Windows and Mac OS X aimed at the advanced amateur or professional user. Its features include 16 bits of color depth, full color management, support of RGB, CMYK and Lab color models, layer support, and non-destructive image manipulation. Besides that, it is also a vector graphics editor and can also be used for desktop publishing. It can import and export all common raster graphics formats including camera raw image formats, as well as Photoshop PSD files, PDF files and Adobe Flash animations.
  • integrates raster graphics editor, vector graphics editor and basic desktop publishing in one program
  • full color management, including Monitor proofing
  • RGB, CMYK, Lab and grayscalecolor models; color models and ICC profiles can be chosen on a layer by layer basis
  • 8, 16 and 32 bits of colour depth per channel
  • full layer support, including blending modes and grouping
  • non-destructive workflow by adjustment layers, multiple layer masks per layer, and layer styles
  • non-destructive scaling, rotating and perspective correction
  • most filters available as adjustment layers
  • many filters, brushes and adjustment layers can be used in Lab and HIS color modes (HIS is a variant of HSL), independently of the color model of the underlying image layer
  • vector layers and text layers including spell checking and character and paragraph styles and text flow inside or around objects.
  • multi page documents, including text flow between pages
  • supports Photoshop plugins and PSP tubes[1]
  • support for pressure-sensitive graphics tablets
  • import and export of Photoshop PSD files, PDF files, animated GIFs, Adobe Flash animations, SVG vector graphics, and many others
  • camera raw image format support based upon dcraw
  • macro (action) recording and batch processing
  • supports 64 bit processors and multiprocessing
  • small download and program size, launches very quickly, can be run off an USB stick or similar device

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