How to format an unformattable pendrive?

Format an Unformattable Pen Drive with simple
DOS Command, Perhaps these days almost all of
us are well aware of pen drives and use them a
lot for files transfers from one PC to another or
sometimes use them to listen music or videos
stored on the flash drives. But sometimes the
excess use of these pen drives from one PC to
another results into infection with some rare
viruses which cause them to malfunction like
folders missing, capacity shown less or sometime
we even couldn’t format it.
The reason for such a problem a virus residing in
the pen drive makes the system busy so from
windows environment it becomes hard to format it
or access it properly. So below is the simple DOS
command thru which you can easily format a pen

 Go to Start –> Run.
 Type Cmd & press Enter.
 Type the following command line
 Format/x G:
 Here G: refers to your removable disk
 drive letter.
 Press Enter.

Now I hope your problem will be solved if in any
 case there is still a problem then I will advise you
 to download the best tool for pen drives “HP
 Format disk Utility” which is quite a very good
 application that can fix a lot of pen drive related

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