How To Recovering Unallocated Space Of a USB Flash Drive??[OLD IS GOLD Trick]

  • First Of All, Run The Windows Command Line And Type diskpart In The Command Prompt. Windows Will Ask You For Administrator Permissions To Run The Tool.
  • Now Run list disk Command To Locate The USB Flash Drive Number. It Should Be The Same As Disk’s Number In The Computer Management Tool. It Was "I" In My Case.
  • Next, You Need To Choose The Disk To Work With.
    Type select disk <disk number> Command,
    E.g. select disk I
  • In This Step, We Have To Clean All Volumes And Partitions On The Disk.
    Use The clean Windows Command To Do That. Then In The Next Step, We Have To Create A Primary Partition.
  • In The Last Step, We Have To Use create partition primary  Command. That’s It. You Should Be Able To Format Your Flash Drive Now.
This Is How We Can Remove Unallocated Space On The Machine:
DISKPART> list disk
  Disk ###  Status         Size     Free     Dyn  Gpt
  --------  -------------  -------  -------  ---  ---
  Disk C    Online          298 GB      0 B
 Disk D    Online          298 GB      0 B
 Disk E    Online          298 GB      0 B
 Disk I    Online         7509 MB  6619 MB

DISKPART> Select Disk I

Disk I Is Now The Selected Disk.


DiskPart Succeeded In Cleaning The Disk.

DISKPART> Create Partition Primary

DiskPart Succeeded In Creating The Specified Partition.


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