How To Recover Lost Microsoft Account Password From Phone?

Many time it happens with many peoples that they Create there Microsoft Account to use there Windows Phone & they forget Password.
 And When there phone asks for password to Login Then they Don't know what to do.

You Are Facing This Problems?
•Lost Your Microsoft Password?
•Your Windows Phone Always Asking To Enter Your password which You Forgot?
•Cant Download Anything From STORE?

Here I will help you, Just Follow the Steps Below.


1.Visit form your computer or from your windows phone ( Using internet Explorer )
2.Then select the option Can't access your account?
3.Than it will ask you Why are you having trouble signing in? just select the circle for I forgot my password & Click NEXT.
4.Just Enter Your Email Id & the Character in image for verification & click NEXT.
5.Then it will ask you How would you like to get your security code? select any of 2 from Options. ( either your phone number or your alternate Email Id )
6.Now Open a new window/tab and check your Inbox of alternate email & copy the code that received  & paste to the Microsoft page from first window/tab. ( Do the Same if you select the option of phone number )
7.You Are almost done just Enter Your New Password & click NEXT. ( Now Don't forget the new password )
8.Now on your phone enable WI-FI or Internet Connection & go to Settings>email+accounts>Microsoft account now wait till it load and Enter your new password.
Congratulations now you can do what you want. Your phone will not ask for password.

If you still facing the problem, then comment below I'll help you.
Thanks For Reading.

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