What's New In Android M Which Is Already In Windows 10 Mobile?

Android M is Google’s latest version of Android, just announced at Google IO 15.
The new version brings a  variety of new features, but some of them may already be familiar to Windows Phone fans, having either used them for ages, or having seen them announced already at BUILD 2015.
Some familiar features, from either Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile include:
*.USB Type C support
*.Simplified volume controls
*.Fingerprint sensor support
*.Improved Face unlock
*.Alphabetic App list with Search
*.Auto backup for Apps
*.Do not Disturb automatic rules and repeat caller prioritization (available via Cortana Quiet Hours)
*.Granular App Permissions

*.Light and Dark theme
Some features we would love to see in our operating system would include:
*.Doze – where if your phone is not moved for a while the device goes into a super-low powered idle mode.
*.Android Pay – while Windows 10 will support Host Card Emulation, Microsoft has still not announced their own payment service.

*.Now On Tap – Cortana is great, but would be more helpful if it could pick up context from the apps we are using already.
Have our readers noticed any cool features which Microsoft should borrow? Let us know below.

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