Windows 10 Features For Phone

Windows 10 Mobile is an edition of the Windows 10 operating system developed by Microsoft. This edition of Windows 10 is a mobile operating system that succeeds Windows Phone 8.1 and is designed for smartphones, and small tablets under 8 inches in screen size, running on ARM as well as IA-32 processor architectures.
Windows 10 Mobile aims to provide a larger amount of synergy with its counterpart for personal computers, including more extensive synchronization of content, a new "universal" application ecosystem that will provide the ability to port apps developed for Windows 10 on PCs, Android, and iOS to the platform, as well as the capability to, on supported hardware, connect devices to an external display and utilize a "PC-like" interface with mouse and keyboard input support.

Five Best Features To Come:
[1] Universal apps
One of Windows 10's standout features is universal apps, which means that applications will work across phones, tablets and PCs.
This means that, much like the iPhone does with Macs, Windows handset will work hand-in-hand with desktop devices. For example, if you clear an app on your phone, it will also clear on your PC, and Microsoft has announced that full Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps will be available on mobile devices.

[2] Improvement in user interface
Windows 10 Mobile won't look identical to the PC version, but it won't be far off. For example, a custom background image will show through translucent live tiles, and you'll be able to see recently used apps by swiping the screen.
Windows 10 will also bring with it a new layout to the settings screen, making it look a lot more like the version found on desktop and tablets.

[3] New Keyboard
Windows 10 Mobile will also bring with it a new keyboard. The Word Flow keyboard will be improved for one-handed use, and Windows handset users will be able to voice input to reply to messages by clicking the microphone button. Microsoft claims the speech system is sophisticated enough to recognise names, hash tags and insert punctuation.

[4] Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge, previously codenamed
Project Spartan , will be made available on Windows Phone handsets. The browser promises to boost performance compared to Internet Explorer, and Microsoft claims that it will make your more productive on the web.

[5] iOS and Android apps
At Build, Microsoft announced new toolkits that enable developers to easily port their existing code to Windows 10. One of these will enable Android Java and C++ code from Android apps to run on Windows, while a second will enable developers to take iOS objective C used for iPhone and iPad apps and compile it within Visual Studio as a Windows app.

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