Windows 10 Mobile Release Date?

As Windows 10 is being launched worldwide, Microsoft fans can’t help but wonder when the mobile counterpart of Windows 10 will be making its way to their smartphones. Microsoft South Africa’s Anthony Doherty, might have just let loose a more concrete window than the informed guesses that have been floating around recently.
A Senior Business Group Lead for Microsoft, Doherty talked about Windows 10 making its way to South Africa and when asked about how Microsoft is positioning mobile in its grand strategy for Windows 10, he claimed:
Our core platform is Windows 10. It's mobile in nature, not just the device, but the experience people will have. So there's a big emphasis on the... mobile phone side of it. But there's more thunder on that coming later in the year.
He also referenced a tentative launch timeframe of ‘November’, though that wasn't followed up by any specific date. This is later than the late September/October timeframe that most industry watchers and even Microsoft employees were pointing to. Take note, however, that the statement could simply reflect the launch timeframe for South Africa, with general availability still abiding by the current estimate of October.
Thus, without official confirmation by Microsoft, this statement only muddles the waters, still not giving us a definite launch date (yet).

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