Zoner Photo Studio 16 Pro

Find, edit, show and share images faster than ever. Bring those same Touch Control motions that you use on your smartphone and tablet to your PC!
  • Cycle through photos with just a flick of the finger
  • Zoom in and out using pinch actions
  • Select desired files or retouch options with a single tap

Editing—Faster and Easier Than Ever What You Want In One Place
Stop spending time hunting through pull-down edit option bars to locate what you want. The Editor now displays all functions in a Quick Edits pane on the right hand side of the workspace. Easy-to-use sliders deliver instant results.
Geotag Photos to Maps See Where You’ve Been
Click on a photo, drag it to a map, and Zoner Photo Studio creates a virtual pushpin that automatically adds a Geotag to the file and places it on the map.
Have a camera that already Geotags your photos? Those tags will be visible when you import them into Zoner Photo Studio.
Geotags also display in Zonerama album photos.
Content-Aware Resizing Intelligent Photo Composition
Wish to change a photo’s composition or size without shrinking or cropping key elements?
New for version 16 is Content-Aware resizing and the ability to adjust only areas you designate.
Use to:
  • bring two people side-by-side
  • make narrow an object that’s too wide
  • improve overall balance
    and proportion
Automatic Facebook Sharing From Zonerama to Social Media Sharing
If you upload photos to both Zonerama albums and Facebook, you now have seamless integration between the two. No more uploading twice! Pick one and photos appear in both places
  • Import now also allows moving files from camera/card instead of copying them
  • Improved detection of already-downloaded photos
  • Automatic notification when a device is newly connected
  • Manager now has four modes—Browser, Preview, Map, and Compare
  • Viewer—photo viewing; quick 1:1 detail checking/easy access to zoom
  • Map—offers GPS tagging by dragging pictures onto a map; shows shot locations of all pictures in current folder
  • Compare—for visually comparing up to four photos, including synchronized panning/zooming
  • Navigator—now uses sections instead of tabs, for quicker navigation
  • RAW+JPEG—RAW+JPEG file pairs can now be grouped for easier management
  • Keywords pane—easier keyword drag and drop: onto multiple selected files, onto the Preview, onto individual pictures in Compare
  • Folder synchronization—new settings for fine-tuning synchronization and for how folder comparison results are shown
  • Background synchronization—new configurable synchronization tasks and scheduled running of these tasks in the background even when ZPS is not running
  • Catalog—new display options: Last 7 days, Last 30 days
  • New Content-aware Resize—resizing of a picture that takes its contents into account and preserves the most important parts of the picture (e.g. a person) while shrinking the less important parts (e.g. the sky).
  • Editing filters are no longer windows—their settings are in the Side Panel, and they now have the same look and feel as the rest of ZPS
  • Place Text, Place Image—new watermarking option
  • Envelopes—new Frames category
  • Filmstrip—now offers easy folder navigation
  • Quick 1:1 viewing and smooth zooming
  • Settings for all tools and editing filters are now in the Side Panel. Everything now works and looks the same way, and settings are easier to reach. Side Panel can now be placed on either the right or the left.
  • Quick Filters—new filters and frames
  • New “Place Line” tool—for quickly drawing lines onto pictures
  • Place Image, Place Text, etc. tools—previews for saved layer-effect settings (e.g. shadow, outline, etc.) and quick application of these effects
  • Place Shape tool now offers previews of shapes
  • Filmstrip—now offers easy navigation of folders
  • Pictures are shown and refreshed more quickly, at better quality, and with lower memory demands.
  • Improved support for devices with touch controls
  • Improved display support for high-DPI display devices
  • Hardware acceleration for display of previews in Preview mode and in the Viewer—smoother display and zooming
  • GPU acceleration—two more operations can now be accelerated: rotation and horizon leveling
  • Other interface improvements

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