How To Save Windows Spotlight LockScreen Images?

1] Hold down your Windows key plus R [Win + R] to launch the Run dialog prompt

2] Copy the following command and then hit OK

3]A folder will be opened in File Explorer with non-specific file names.

4] Copy and paste the files into a new folder preferably something under This PC > Pictures > Spotlight as a permanent location (or under OneDrive so you can have them everywhere).

Note: You will see a warning prompt when you go to copy the files, simply hit OK to the warning.

5]You need to rename all the files with the JPG extension. You could do this one by one or in a batch command – here is how to do the latter:

6]Hit Shift + Right-click with your mouse in the directory where you copied the images. Choose Open command window here and type in (or copy and paste)
Ren *.* *.jpg

This action will rename all the files with a JPG extension.
Note: Some of the files are cached junk and won't be actual images from Spotlight.
7]Filter and clean up
Some of the images won't be images at all so delete all the files you do not want (useCtrl + Left-click on the mouse to multi-select files).

Bonus: Some of the images will also be vertical. For the vertical images, you may want to copy and paste them into a different folder as you can use them for your smartphone's Start or Lock screen.

Via: Winaero

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