Heimdal PRO

Heimdal PRO

Protects you from cyber-criminal actions by employing an advanced web scanning engine to keep you safe from notorious data and financial stealing malware, such as Zeus Gameover (P2P) and CryptoLocker.

Close Security Holes
Automatically and Silently

Heimdal PRO scans your computer every 2h for outdated software. Heimdal installs updates as soon as they're available. It does so in the background, without interrupting your work. This closes security holes in your system that cyber criminals exploit in 65% of attacks.

Personal Dashboard:
Instant Security Status Overview

Get more control over the threats Heimdal PRO blocks to protect your system. Check the log for software patches applied, infections detected and websites blocked. See detailed activity from the past 7 days in an easy to use dashboard that explains what's going on.

New Software Manager:
Install Apps Directly & Silently

Save time and eliminate the hassle of installing new software. Just go to the Patching System tab, choose the app you need from over 20 options and install it with one click. No need to navigate confusing websites, run shady installers or risk getting infected with malware. Safe, easy and quick!

How To Activate?

  1. Go here: https://heimdalsecurity.com/en/
  2. Click Get It Now
  3. Enter voucher: beta24rwd
  4. Continue to download


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