Nokia Is Coming With A Bang?Nokia Is Returning On 27th February 😍

Nokia is coming back?

Well, that is what many famous websites are reporting these days. But where did Nokia go to come back? The answer is nowhere. Nokia didn't go anywhere to come back. Nokia is still alive as a company and they are doing better than ever before. Nokia is a very successful and profitable company now after selling the Devices and Services division to Microsoft in 2014. 

So how is "Nokia coming back"?
The "Nokia" brand is coming back on phones and tablets, but those phones and tablets will not be made or sold by Nokia at all. 
First, they will be Android phones, not Windows phones like Lumia.
Second, they will be created, designed and sold by HMD Global, not by Nokia.

HMD Global is a newly founded company that will create, design and sell Nokia-branded feature phones, smartphones and tablets.
Nokia is licensing the Nokia brand to HMD Global.

Nokia will NOT come back in phone business again. Nokia will not make phones again. Only the "Nokia" brand is coming back on phones created by another company, that is HMD Global. 

HMD Global will not manufacture these Nokia branded Android phones. The phones will be designed by HMD Global, but they will be manufactured by Foxconn. Nokia will not be invoved in designing or manufacturing these phones. 

Some websites saying "Nokia will be back to smartphones" and "Nokia will return to smartphones" are simply misleading their readers.
Nokia clearly said "We have absolutely no interest to go back into the mobile business. That's our history, not our future."
Referring to "HMD Global" as "Nokia" is not correct. HMD Global is NOT Nokia!

So when will HMD Global launch these Nokia branded Android phones?
According to Microsoft Mobile employee Nawzil Najeeb, HMD Global and Nokia are planning to announce HMD's Nokia-branded phones and tablets in the Mobile World Congress event in February 2017. The devices are expected to be available for sale in Q2 2017.

Nawzil also notes that HMD Global or Nokia did not announce this officially yet. Nokia only announced that Nokia's President and CEO Rajeev Suri will deliver a keynote speech at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

HMD Global will be present in Mobile World Congress 2017.
For the complete details about everything related to Nokia and HMD Global, please read the Note below published by Microsoft Mobile employee Nawzil Najeeb.

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