Freedom251-Are Users Data Secure?

Freedom 251!
It's been In A Subject Since It Launched.

There Are Many Questions Raising 
Before Order Placed?

  1. Freedom251 Is Real Or Fake?
  2. Phone At ₹ 251 Possible?
  3. Freedom251 Is A Scam?


But Now Afte Order Placed Another Question Raising

 Are User's Data Secure?
May Or May Not Be Because By This Simple Trick We Get The UsersData.

  1. Go To This Link.
  2. Replace "Order_Number" With  Any Other Orrder Number To See All Data Of The Buyers.
  3. All Orders Start With FDM1455
  4. Now For Checking Enter Your  Friends OrderNumber And Replace with Order_Number & Get Order Deatils.
After All This Still Major Doubt About Payment Method.
They Will Email The Link For Payment In 48 Hours.

But How They Secure The Payment Information?
Let's Wait For The Mail.
And Hope They Will Fix All Problem Soon.

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