How To Share Big Files On WhatsApp?

   WhatsTools: Share File Via IM- screenshot

   WhatsTools: Share File Via IM- screenshot

WhatsApp is a very popular mobile messaging app available for google android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Nokia Series 40,Symbian 60, Windows Phone. In addition to sending text messages over internet, it also allows users to share and send Images,
Audios and Videos with each other. But it has certain limitations :
– It allows users to send only image, audio and video files only.
There is no in-built option to send other file types such as PDF, DOC, APK, etc.
– The maximum video size that can be sent over whatsapp is restricted to 16 MB.
You cannot send videos larger than 16 MB. However whatsapp allow you to trim and compress the video before sending.
But still its a limited feature. We cannot send large videos.
– If you have noticed, when you send images on whatsapp, they are compressed and sent to the receiver.
However the quality is not noticeable on mobile, but it can be noticed on computer.
If we want to send HD images, the quality will be significantly reduced.
The above are the severe restrictions for file transfer in whatsapp. However you can upload the image, video, audio or any other file type without losing quality, to any file sharing site and share it with your friends.
But it will be a lengthy process. So, here is a whatsapp trick to share and send any kind of file and transfer your images, audio and videos without losing its quality. We need one more app along with whatsapp to use this trick.
Follow the below procedure :
Requirements :
Trick to Send Any File Type in WhatsApp upto 1GB:
WhatsTools – Advanced File sharing for WhatsApp.
You might already be having WhatsApp installed on your phone. Now the first thing you need to do is download WhatsTools.

Play Store :-
1. Now First Install whatstools
App on your device. Open the App, It will prompt you to enable background services
Click ok to continue
Then turn on WhatsTools Service

2. Next click on attach button in WhatsApp or + button in WhatsTools
connect to Google Drive
You will be asked to authorize Google Drive app.
Just Click allow
WhatsTools will create a new folder in your Google Drive with a name WhatsTools.
Once authorization is complete, you can start Sharing.

If you want to use your default Google Drive account, then no problem.
If you want to add a new one only for sharing then create a new Google account.
And authorization that account to your WhatsTools app.

3. Now, to Send any file type,
Use attach button in WhatsTools to share any file or you can diretly share files using WhatsTools.

You can share using file manager. Long press any file. Select share option

Select “Via WhatsTools To AnyWhere”.

share it with WhatsApp or any other IM in your phone.

4. Wait for WhatsTools to upload the selected file to your Google Drive newly created WhatsTools folder.
The transfer time depends upon the file size and your internet connection.
The good thing is receiver can see the uploading status(How much % uploaded by the sender).
Both the users should not need this app installed on their mobiles.
Ony sender need to install WhatsTools. And can sent files to any IM in all platforms.

5. After clicking the share button, you will given option to share the link to several platforms including SMS, Email, WhatsApp,
WeChat, Google +, Facebook and all those IM apps which are installed on your device. At this time we will select WhatsApp.

Select your friend or Group to share the link. The link will be displayed along with the filename.
If it is a video file, your friend can preview the file, if supported. Or he can directly download the file using any browser on his phone.
That’s All. Send any file type with any size without loosing its quality on WhatsApp.

6. You can share files again by click on the share button in sent files.

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