What's New In Cyanogen OS 13.1?

Finally Cyanogen Released Cyanogen OS 13.1 For One Plus One Which Includes Mods For Skype, OneNote, Microsoft Hyperlapse & An Updated Cortana Mod.

Skype Mod:- 
With the Skype mod in Cyanogen OS 13.1 you can quickly and easily start Skype conversations directly from the Cyanogen phone app, and seamlessly switch from a cellular voice call to a Skype video call when you call a friend with a Cyanogen or Android device. You can also choose to make calls using your cellular plan or Skype, and view your Skype Credit, top up or buy subscriptions to call mobiles and landlines using Skype’s low calling rates directly from the Cyanogen OS 13.1 phone app. Additionally, in the Cyanogen contacts app, you can now search, see and call your Skype contacts straight from the contact card.
Cortana Mod:-
With the updated Cortana mod, you can tell Cortana to “take a selfie,” giving you a voice-controlled, hands-free automatic countdown for capturing your picture. Once the selfie is snapped, you can quickly review the photo and easily share it right from the film strip on the phone.  The Cortana mod has also been extended to the lock screen for easier access to all that you need from Cortana.  You can search, set reminders, get to your schedule and more without ever unlocking your phone or opening an app.

OneNote Mod:-
The new OneNote mod let you take notes simply and intuitively anytime, from anywhere in the OS. In the Email app, you can save an important email to OneNote for later. During a phone call you can add notes, such as a phone number or a to-do. No matter what you’re doing you can easily get your thoughts down, just swipe down on your device and select the OneNote Tile in Quick Settings. With the OneNote mod you’ll be able take notes and stay on track without leaving your place at any time. The mod will be rolling out over the coming weeks, the email integration is not available on all Cyanogen OS devices.

Hyperlapse Mod:-
The Microsoft Hyperlapse mod for Camera allows you to create smooth and stabilized time-lapse videos. Simply open the Camera app, switch modes to Hyperlapse, and shoot your video. Once you’re done shooting, you can set the speed, and Hyperlapse handles the rest. You can share your new Hyperlapse moment right from the film strip.

Source:-Microsoft & Cyanogen

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