Advantages Of Google Allo Over Whatsapp!Nightmare For WhatsApp?WhatsApp Killer?

Last Week Google Launched It's New Chatting Application Named Google Allo.
Most Of You Are Already Using It.& Know It's Advantages & Disadvantages
After 3-5 Days Of Use I Show Some Great Features In Allo Which Is Currently Not Available On Any Chatting App Even In WhatsApp Too.


1.SMART ASSISTANCE-Whatsapp Only Allows To Chat With Your Friends And Families Here Is The Point Where Allo Takes Advantage You Can Use Allo As Your Personal Assistance You Can Get Weather Info,Daily News,Jokes & Games

2.AUTOMATIC REPLY-The Google Allo's Another Important Feature Is It Can Reply Automatically On Behalf Of User It Learns Your Habits How You Do Your Conversation 

3.PICTURE IDENTIFICATION- Google Allo Helps To Recognise Pictures & Send Replies Accordingly & This Feature Will Be a Nightmare For Developers Of  Whatsapp 

4.ADVANCED FORMAT- You Can Easily Change Font Size By Just Swiping The Send Button Up & Down .Its Quite Smooth To Use & User Friendly.

5.More Stickers:-Google Allo Provides More Stickers & GIF So You Can Enjoy Chat!


  1. Currently Its In Beta Stage So App May Mis-Behave Sometimes Like Crash While You Are Chatting 
  2. Its Available For Only iOS & Android Playstore Not In Windows Phone As Well As iPad,Tablet etc.
  3. No End To End Encryption Available.
 Download Google Allo

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