Brain-computer Interface Used For Talk With People Who Are Unable To Communicate

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Que:Patients Who Is In Coma Or In A Stage Where Patients Fails To Respond Normally Can Communicate With Others?
Currently Answer Is Definitely No.
But In Future The Answer Will Be Yes...
Scientists Have Conducted A Trial With Complete Locked-in Syndrome, Who Were Incapable Of Even Moving Their Eyes To Communicate, Were Able To Respond “yes” Or “no” Via Thought To Spoken Questions. A Non-invasive Brain-computer Interface (BCI) Detected Their Responses By Measuring Changes In Blood Oxygen Levels In The Brain.

Brain-computer Interface Technique Used near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS).
To Get Perfect Answer From Patients Multiple Times Questions Had To Be Asked For Verify The Answers.

According To Professor John Donoghue Who Is Director Of the Wyss Center
"Restoring communication for completely locked-in people is a crucial first step in the challenge to regain movement. The Wyss Center plans to build on the results of this study to develop clinically useful technology that will be available to people with paralysis resulting from ALS, stroke or spinal cord injury. The technology used in the study also has broader applications that we believe could be further developed to treat and monitor people with a wide range of neuro-disorders."

Source:Wyss Center

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