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Facts About Hackers That You Need To Know!

Hackers Are Those Skilled Computer Experts That Use Their Technical Knowledge To Overcome A Problem. Do You Think You Know Everything About A Hacker Or About Hacking?
In This Article, I Will Give You The 5 Facts About Computer Hackers That You Really Need To Know.😏

1.Hacker Is Really A Good Term
In Computing, A Hacker Is Any Skilled Computer Expert That Uses Their Technical Knowledge To Overcome A Problem Which Is Known Ethical Hacker.
However, Over The Years The Term Morphed – Thanks Partly To Hollywood – To Become Synonymous With Illegal Internet Activities Are Known As Unethical Hacking.

2. Hacking Is Illegal If You Do It In A Bad Way
Actually, The Legality Of Hacking Depends On How The Hacker Deals With It Or How The Hackers Do It. If You Use Your Hacking Skills To Help Others, To Improve A System Or Whatsoever Then Actually You Are Considered As A White Hat. But If Not, Basically You Lands In The List Of Black Hats Who Uses Hacking Skills To Damage A System Or Just To Do It For Fun.
If You Can Do Hacking In A Good Way, There’s A Place For You Since Lots Of Company’s Offers Bounty For Those Who Can Find Vulnerabilities In Their Websites Or Programs.

3. The Today’s Generation Of Hackers Isn’t What You Already Know And What You Are Dreaming Of
Lots Of People Claim They Can Do Hacking But In Reality Can’t, Some Of Them Says They Are A Hacker But Actually Don’t Have Any Idea. And Also Another Major Reason Is That They Says “We Are Anonymous” Just Because That Is What They Really Know When It Comes To The Word Hacking.
Most Of Hackers Are Those Gifted And Has The Ability To Make A Program, Use Programs, Do Programs And Read Machine Languages. But Also Some Of Them Turn To Social Engineering Which Is An Easy Way To Gain Access To Your Information.

4. Hacking Can Be Exciting As It Is A Fast Paced Work, But In Reality Is Not
Have You Watched Hacking Movies Like Who Am I, Hacker, Black Hat, Central Intelligence Or The Netflix Show Mr. Robot? Well, If You Did Then You Actually Recognize These Things:
•Someone Who Types Frantically, Someone Who Types Fast As Long As They Can
•Notices Or Texts Like “System Alert, Unauthorized Access” Or A Loud Strange Noise Coming From Their Computer
•The Word Bypassed, Mainframes, Skiddies That’s Been Said In The Movie
•Someone Who Typed An Amazing Code In A Computer
But In Reality, Most Of That Really Don’t Exist. The Majority Of Software Used When Trying To Gain Access To A Computer System Or Network Is Pretty Boring. Why? Because In Reality, It Is Really Not Fast And Of Course It Doesn’t Need You To Type Frantically And Don’t Send “Intruder Alerts”.

5. Hackers Are Anti-Social And Are Expert Keyboard Warriors
Some Hackers Can Be Social Addicts That Started Learning Hacking Because Of Social Media, And There Are Some Hackers That Are Anti Social. Some Of Them Can Picture Out What An Expert Hacker Really Is.
Majority Of People Have Social Life, We Can Call Them Social Addicts Or Those People Who Focuses Their Time Using Social Sites Like Facebook, Twitter Or Instagram. Hacking Can Be A Trade And It Can Also Be A Full-Time Job. For Those That Do Hacking Illegally, They Probably Don’t Match With Those Stereotypes You Have In Your Head.

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