Petya Ransomware!New Cyber Attack?How To Stop? How to Protect Your Computer ?

After WannaCry Ransomware Attack Now New Ransomware Attack Spreading Rapidly Worldwide Specially In Europe & US.
The Name Of Latest Ransomware Is Petya Ransomware.
Petya Ransomware - It Is A Powerful Malicious Program That Encrypt All User Data Or Threaten To Publish And Delete It Untill Ransom Is Paid.
Like WannaCry Ransomware, Petya Ransomware Also Encrypt The Files On The Computer And Demands $300 In Bitcoin.To Unblock The File Write An Email To Hackers & Then Pay For The Decryption Key.
But Now Pay For The Decryption Key Is Useless Because Virus Creator Email Id Is Hosted On Posteo & Posteo Team Blocked This Account.

How To Stop?

  1. In This Petya Ransomware Attack There Is One Kill Switch Available In Coding So You Can Easily Stop It In Your Local System.
    For This You Need To Create File Named perfc On C:\Windows.
    So,If This File Available In Your System Then Virus Can't Run Encrypt Function & Your Data Remain Safe.
  2. If Virus Spread On Your Computer & CHKDSK Screen Running Then Suddenly Shut Down The PC.
    Then Use Live OS For Remove Virus Files.

How To Be Safe & Protect Yourself?

  1. Don't Use Outdated Windows OS - Because In Old Windows OS There Is Vulnerability Called Ethernal Blue. Vulnerability Means Security Hole, By Using It Hacker Place Exploit (Small Program) In Our System And Encrypt Our Data.
  2. Don't Click On Anything Suspicious - Always Download Content From Verified Sites. Because If You're Clicking On Any Suspicious Email Or File Then You're Inviting Hacker For Ransomware..
  3. Install Antivirus Program - If You Don't Have Money To Pay Then Use Windows Defender For Free. And Make Sure You're​ Using Latest Security Updates. [Find Antivirus From Here.]
  4. Backup Your Computer - You Should Always Back Up Your Computer Just In Case A Ransomware Attacks Your Computer So You Have Copies Of Your Files In Another Location, Like An External Hard Drive Or In The Cloud..

Decryptor Tool:
Decyptor For Petya Ransomware Is Available
Download Link: 

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