Future Of Gaming Console?Gaming Console VS Cloud Gaming 😵

Also Known As Gaming Of Demand, Cloud Gaming Is A Certain Type Of Gaming Experience That Takes Place Online. It Allows On-Demand And Direct Game Streaming On A Player’s PC And It’s Similar With On-Demand Video Where The Game Is Being Stored On Online Servers. Ergo, The Whole Game Is Being Streamed Onto The Computer Through A Server That Passes By The Client.

Game Access Is Performed Without Having To Use A Remote Control Or A Console, Considering That The System’s Servers Are Processing Everything. The Button Presses, As Well As The Controls Are Transmitted Straight To The Server, Where They’re Being Recorded And Sent Back To The Input Controls With The Response For The Game.
Unlike Video Gaming, Cloud Gaming Saves People From A Lot Of Trouble. You Can Forget About Going To The Store To Buy Discs. Consequently, You Won’t Have To Purchase The Latest Versions Either Because Cloud Gaming Updates The Game Through The Internet.
Cloud-Gaming Is Certainly Considered A Revolutionary Way Of Enjoying A Game Experience. The Idea Of Playing From Anywhere Is Certainly Enticing For All Gamers Out There. Cloud Gaming Is Something Like Hulu Or Netflix, Only It Comes With Excellent Graphics And Visuals.  Ergo, It Can Definitely Replace The Old-Fashioned Video Game Consoles.
Both Xbox And Nintendo Should Really Think About Their Future Because Cloud Gaming Will Soon Take The Lead. Technology Is Visually Changing And Therefore, Companies Should Do Their Best To Stay Updated. Companies Such As Onlive Claim That They’ve Managed To Solve The Main Issue Of Today’s Gaming Experiences. The Enterprise Is One Of The Most Powerful In The Marketplace And It Features A Whole Library Filled With Top-Quality Cloud Games. The Company Claims That They Were The First To Have Revealed This Form Of Online Gaming, However Not Everybody Agrees With That Statement.

The Verdict

We Understand That We Can Not Purchase Each And Every Console, But There Is Solution For That, We Can Use Emulators. Like Nintendo 3DS Emulator, Xbox Emulator Etc.

Will People Continue To Buy Games And Play Them On Their Console Or Emulators In 3 Years, Or They Will Go For Cloud-Gaming And Enjoy The Experience Online?

That’s Still A Tricky Question Because After All, Gamers Are Also Drawn By A Low-Cost. Not Everybody Has The Means To Enjoy Cloud Gaming When Let’s Face It, The Price Is Double, Not To Mention That You Need A Killer Internet Connection And A Monster PC.
Otoy, A Company That Provided High-Quality Graphics For The Famous “Avatar” Movie, Promised To Come Up With A Cloud Platform That Could Be Used For All Games. Still, They Haven’t Managed To Develop Anything Thus Far. Major Gaming Companies Want To Look Good In The Eyes Of Their Customers, And Therefore They’re Willing To Say That They Support Cloud Gaming Even If They Don’t Have The Platform. They Want To Keep The Audience Engaged And They Certainly Don’t Want To Lose Gamers In Favour Of The Real Cloud Gaming Servers.
Sony Really Wants To Keep Its Gamers Close, And Therefore They Bought The Cloud Gaming Platform Gaikai For The Colossal Sum Of $380 Million. Although The Enterprise Initially Wanted $500, It Seemed That They Managed To Settle With Sony On 1/3 From The Sum.

Andrew House, The SCE Boss Of Gaikai Said That The Merger Will Result In An Unparalleled Cloud Gaming Experience

Consequently, David Perry, The CEO Of Gaikai Also Mentioned That The Company Is Honoured To Partner With Sony And Build Something Unbelievable For Avid Gamers Out There. Thus Far, Sony Hasn’t Made Any Statements Regarding Its Future Plans With Gaikai However They Certainly Have The Advantage Towards Rivals LG And Samsung.

The Future Of Cloud Gaming Sounds Promising Indeed; Increasingly More Gamers Are Looking To Enjoy Their Games Online Because They Don’t Need A Console Or A Giant Flat Screen TV. Ergo, They Can Play Their Favourite Games From Their Tablets, Laptops, And Ipads Without Any Kind Of Difficulties. Also, The Games Are Instantly Upgraded So You Won’t Have To Buy Newer Versions. 
At This Point, Consoles Are Still In The Lead Because Of Their Reduced Cost; Plus They Don’t Require Internet Connectivity.

Three Years From Now, Cloud Gaming Will Probably Be On Top, And 6 Years From Now Who Knows In What Ways Technology Will Advance?

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