How To Convert A PSD Template To A WordPress Theme In Simple Steps?[Updated]

If You Have Finally Decided To Charge Up Your Website With WordPress, It Is Time To Take Advantage Of A Dazzling Website Designed And Developed. You Simply Need To Catch Hold Of An Appealing WordPress Theme That Adds To The Beauty And User Friendliness Of Your Site.

It Is Not A Tough Job To Design An Attractive Website In WordPress. All You Need To Do Is Grab A Little Coding Knowledge. Apart From Displaying Your Creativity As A Designer, You Need To Acquire Some Professional Programming Skills To Let The Designs Perform Well On The Web.
So How Do You Convert Your Creative Designs To Beautiful Web Pages? Listed Below Are Some Easy Steps To Help You Convert Your PSD Templates To A WordPress Theme.

Conversion Of PSD Into WordPress Themes

The Conversion Process May Sound Complex To You, But Is Very Easy When The Following Steps Are Followed. You May Even Hire Professional PSD To Wordpress Conversion Service To Save Time And Efforts.

Step 1 - PSD Slicing

The PSD Into A WordPress Theme Conversion Task Starts With Cutting. It Is Important To Slice Your PSD And Then Categorize It Into Separate Image Files. This Helps Effectively Save Each Design Component As A Distinct Design File. A Photo Editing Software Such As Adobe Photoshop Can Be Effectively Used For Slicing PSD Files.
Make Sure You Take A Note Of Various Things That You Would Require Loading As An Image Into Your Web Page. Adding More Number Of Web Images Will Affect The Speed Of The Web Page. Hence, It Is Important To Optimize The Images. Decide The Kind Of Images That Needs To Be Static And Dynamic.
Having A Look At The Following Components Will Help You Slice Your PSD Easily:
- Background
- Header And Separator
- Footer And Others
You Need To Be Very Careful When Slicing Your Components. A Single Mismatch Of Pixels May Make Your Page Look Chaotic.

Step 2 - Build Index.Html And Style.Css

Create A Static HTML And CSS Template From PSD That You Have Created. Naming These Files As Index.Html And Style.Css Respectively In The Long Run Will Help. There Are A Number Of Software Packages Such As Dreamweaver And Fireworks That Will Allow You To Carry Out This Step In An Easy Way. You May Learn A Bit Of HTML And CSS To Make Things Easier.
Use Index.Html And CSS File To Place Images And Sliced Up The Components Into Their Accurate Positions. Following A Responsive Web Design Will Help Your Website Look Beautiful On All Screens.

Step 3 - Break Down Index.Html Into WordPress Theme File Structure

Once You Have A Basic Template Handy, It Is Time To Move It To The WordPress Environment. However, Prior To Doing That You Need To Gather Some Knowledge On The Way Things Are Organised In WordPress.

WordPress Comprises Of Has A Specific File Structure That Must Be Followed. Here, You Would Be Uploading Your Web Page To WordPress Themes. The WordPress Software Will Perform Seamlessly With It. This Way, Plugins And Extra Functionalities Can Be Easily Added Without Having To Face Any Incompatibility Issues. Here, You Need To Go With The Standard File Structure Of Wordpress And Break The Index.Html File Into The Required .Php Files.

Step 4 - Add WordPress Tags

Import The Splendid Inbuilt Functionalities Delivered By WordPress Into Your Theme Files Using WordPress Tags. Once You Add These Tags, You Have Created A Wordpress Theme.

After Adding The Necessary Tags And Functions, Place All Files Into A Single Folder Which You Can Name As You Want. Place This Folder Inside The ----/Wp-Content/Themes/ Folder Which Is Found In Your WordPress Installation.

In Case, You Have Done Everything Right, You Can Activate Your Custom Theme From Your WordPress Dashboard. It Is Now Time To Flaunt Your New Cool WordPress Website Comprising Of Exclusive Custom Design.

Step 5 - Add Functionalities

Although You Have Already Succeeded In Creating Your Own Custom WordPress Theme From A PSD File, There Is Always Some Room For Improvement. Consistent Improvement Is Important. Try Adding More Functionalities To Your Theme As You Keep Learning More. Unleash The Magic Of Using WordPress Themes. Also Learn Some More Stimulating Techs Such As Javascript, Which Will Help You To Add Exciting Features To Your Theme.
The Entire Process Of Converting A PSD Template Into A WordPress Theme Is Very Simple.

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