How To Use Logo In Web Design?

Where The Logo Should Be Placed When Building A Website? This Is One Question That May Trouble Most Designers During The Process Of Website Building. Having A Look At Some Of The Most Popular Websites Running Online Will Clear The Topic. These Sites Have Placed The Logos Of Companies In The Top-Left Corner. Right From Youtube To Amazon, Vimeo, Instagram, Wikipedia, Ebay, Reddit, Adidas, Ford, BBC, BP, Dribble, Shell, Netflix, O2, Levis, Sony, And NASA, The Logos Are Wordmarks.
However, There Are Some Rules Designers Should Follow In This Respect. Here’s How You Should Use The Logos In Web Design.
 Here’s What You Need To Do:

Informing Users With Logos

This Is Important. You Need To Let Your User Know Why They’re At Your Site. And This Information Should Be Provided In A Very Easily Accessible Way. There Are Certain Websites Which Have Their Phone Number And Address Right Up Top. These Sites Have Actually Realized The Significance Of Presenting The Absolutely Critical Info Most Visitors Need To See Once They Visit The Site, Right Where It Is Visible. Clear Navigation Leads To The Information Visitors Expect To See. This Means Crucial Information Should Be Placed In The Front And Center Is A Very Simple And Effective Way To Promote Logos.
Accessibility Of Info Is One Of The Major Purposes On A Website. It Is Important For Any Website To Provide Information Comprehensibly On Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones, And Tablets. Any Device A User Visits Your Site On Needs To Display Very Clear Information In A Concise And Comprehensible Way.
One Look At Desktop Site Of ESPN.Com And You Will See How Clean It Displays Everything A User Wish To See. Its Mobile Site Shows Less Information Than The Desktop Site. However, It Shows The Most Critical News. In Case, A User Wants The Less Important News And Scores, They Simply Require Clicking On “Now” Or “Favorites.” To Sum Up, Your Website Must Be Able To Adapt The Information For All Screen Sizes. Additionally, It Requires Prioritizing Certain Data That You Feel Is More Important.
ESPN Influences Its Users To Read Articles By Supplying Impressive Content And Making It Easily Achievable. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Also Crucial As Most People Use Google To Achieve Info And Usually Click The First Link That Would Come Up.
Optimizing Your Site For Google And Other Search Engines Is A Huge Part Of Employing Logos. Google Is Smart In Recognizing Sites That It Expects Its Users Will Like. You Need To Maintain And Regularly Update Engaging And Useful Content On Your Website. Google Has Realized That Content Is King, And Their Rankings Reflect That Specific Mantra.

Centre Logos For Print Look

In Case, You Were Required To Place Your Logo In The Centre Or In The Top-Right Corner, You Wouldn't Be All Alone. Newspapers And Magazines Often Centres Their Logo. Many Website Designing Companies Do Not Recommend This Practice.
Replicating The Familiar Look Of The Printed Version Has Worked For Several Sites, Including The Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, The Times, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Financial Times, British Vogue, The Spectator, New Statesman, Radio Times And Wired.

Logo Placement Outliers

Only A Few Websites Have Centred Logos Or Place Them On The Right. And Only A Very Few Place Them In Between. Samsung Is One Such Rare Breed Of Website That Centres Its Logo. Search Engine Homepages, Such As Google, Duck Duck Go, Bing, Yahoo, Wolfram Alpha And Baidu Have Their Logo Appear Right Next To Or Above The Search Bar.

The Top-Left Rule

Overall, Placing The Logo On The Left Was Somewhat A Function Of How Browsers Rendered Websites On Screens. When It Comes To A Fixed Browser Width, The Logo Might Not Have Appeared At All When Positioned On The Right Or Centre, Depending On The Screen Size And The Shape Of The Browser Window.
Refuse A Client Who Pressurizes You To 'Make The Logo Bigger'. This Is A Big No-No. There Is A Long History Of Top-Left Placement Of The Logo. The Shift To The Left Also Recounts How Those In The West Traditionally Read Printed Content. They Read It Left To Right And Top To Bottom. These Innate Habits Have Logically Carried Over To Reading On Digital Devices.

Logos In Manifold Places

Placement Of Logo In The Top-Left Corner Doesn’t Mean There’s No Other Place You Can Feature Your Logo. A Number Of Websites Will Supply More Power To Their Branding By Also Including It In The Sidebar Or Footer. Although There’s Nothing Wrong With Including Multiple Instances Of Your Logo On Your Website, Remember That Users Will Expect All Of These To Function As A Link Back To The Homepage.
Shockingly, This Is Something Google At Present Fails To Do With Several Of Its Satellite Sites, Including Google Drive And Gmail. Despite The Fact That The Google Logo Is Extensively Related To Its Search Page, Clicking On It Within These Services In Reality Takes You Back To The Homepage For The Sister Service, Instead Of The Google.Com. As In Case Of Other Example, Regardless Of Wherever You Are In Apple’s Ecosystem, The Logo Of Apple Will Take You Back To Apple.Com
On The Other Hand, Clicking The Apple Logo Will Always Take You Back To The Local Version Of Apple.Com On All Web Pages In The Network Of Apple, Including Itunes.

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