LED TV – 7 Things You Need To Know

Today, If You Ask Anyone About Buying A TV, Then Almost All Will Suggest You To Buy A LED TV, Because It Has Become Very Popular Among All The TV Users About LED Tvs Which Have Given Greater Experience Of Watching Movies Or TV Shows Than The Older CRT Tvs Undoubtedly.

But Is It Sufficient To Know About The Greater Experience Gained By The LED TV Before Buying A LED TV? The Answer Is NO… Buying Any TV With The Popular LED Screen Will Not Give You The Expected Great Experience Of Your Dream Because Only The LED Screen Is Not Solely Able To Give You The Desired Experience.
Here In This Post, You Will Get To Know About 7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A LED TV And These 7 Technical Facts Will Surely Help You To Buy The Best LED Tvs In India. First Know About The LED Screen.

What Is LED TV?
LED TV Is Nothing But A TV Having LED Display. A Screen With Leds (Light Emitting Diodes) Set Up In Rows Lit Up In Particular Time To Show A Picture On The Screen. These Are Very Energy Efficient And Very Effective In Case Of Showing A Picture As Well As Making A TV Slim And Light Weight.

7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A LED TV
Screen Size
Before Buying A LED TV It Is Really Important To Decide The Screen Size Which You Are Going To Buy. It Is Not Only Depended On You Budget, It Is Also Depended On The “Viewing Distance” Going To Be According To The Size Of Your Room Because For Different Screen Size There Is A Preferred Viewing Distance For The Best Watching Experience. For Example, If Your Room Is Smaller And The Viewing Distance Is Going To Be 4 Feet Or Less, Then The Perfect Screen Size For That Situation Is Around 22 Inches Or 24 Inches LED TV, For 4-5 Feet Viewing Distance 32 Inches LED TV Is Perfect, And For 5-6 Feet, 40 Or 42 Inches Screen Is Perfect.

You May Watched Any Content On HD Tvs And Now Wants To Buy HD LED Tvs, Then You Must Know That There Are 3 Type HD Quality Available, They Are Known As “HD Ready” With Resolution 1366x768pixel, “Full HD” With Resolution 1920x1080 Pixel, And “Ultra HD Or 4K” With Resolution 3840x2160 Pixel. The More Will Be The Resolution; The Clearer Will Be The Picture.  Best Led Tvs In India Comes With Good Resolutions.

Video Features
Apart From Screen Size And Resolution, You Need To Know About The Video Features Provided By The Manufacturers Like The Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Aspect Ratio For The Best Quality Pictures And Color Combination. And Most Importantly Ask For The Video File Formats Supported By The Tvs. Most Used Video File Formats Are AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, Etc.
Audio Features
If You Are Going To Buy HD LED TV Then You Must Check The Audio Features Of The TV Because Audio Is The Integrated Part For Having The Best Watching Experience. Look The Wattages, Number Of Speakers, Audio Technology It Provides. I Would Suggest Buying HD LED Tvs With 2.1 Audio Channel In Which 2 Speakers Of 10 Wattages And 1 Woofer Is Present.
Refresh Rate
If You Are A Smartphone User Or A PC User, Then You Must Hear About The Processing Speed Of Your Device, In Case Of Tvs The Processing Speed Is Known As Refresh Rate. The More The Refresh Rate Will Be, The Contents Will Run On Your TV Smoothly Without Blurring. The Average Refresh Rate Provided By Maximum TV Manufacturers Is Between 50 To 100 Hertz.
Internet Access
Now There Are Many Smart Tvs Available Which Give Internet Access To The Users To Avail Streaming Videos And Social Network To Tvs. If You Are Looking For The Same Then Ask For The Features Provided By The Manufacturers.
Many Basic Smart Tvs Are Not Equipped With Internet Access But Give Some Smart Features To Share Contents From The Portable Devices Like Smart Phones, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, And Computers As Well. So, To Avail These Facilities You Must Check For The Number Of Ports For HDMI, USB, And LAN Connectors. I Would Suggest LED Tvs With The 2 Ports At Least For HDMI & USB Connectors.
Final Words
These Are The 7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A LED TV Which Will Help You To Buy The Best LED Tvs In India And To Have Better Watching Experiences For Movies Or Other Contents. So Go And Check The Above Mentioned Points On Your Selected  LED Tvs Before Buying One To Understand Whether It Can Fulfill Your Desire Or Not, And Then Buy The Best One For You. Thank You. 

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