Mobile PC-Future Of Personal Computing 😍

"The PC Space And The Phone Space Have Been Sort Of In Parallel Universes For A Couple Of Decades... What Two Better Companies To Bring Those Worlds Together Than Microsoft And Qualcomm? We've Been Working Furiously In Redmond And With Our Partners In San Diego On This Thing. We Have Hundreds Of These Devices Now Being Used On A Daily Basis, We're Getting Pretty Far Along In The Development Process.
ESIM Is A Fundamental Change To The Way That Operators Run Their Provisioning Stacks, So It's Actually Been A Three-year Journey To Get Our Stacks To A State Where We Can Provision ESIMs Over The Air.

One Of The Funny Anecdotes Is We Handed Out These Devices To All Of Our Dev Directors And Leaders Across The Windows Org, And We Started Getting All These Bug Reports Back Saying 'the Battery Meter's Not Working, It Says I Still Have A Full Charge'. It Turned Out Not To Be A Bug; It Just Has A Great Battery Life.
So People Are Getting Used To This Concept Of Having A Device That You Don't Have To Charge, And At The Same Time People Are Getting Used To This Notion Of Being Always Connected And Having A Device With That LTE Connectivity Built In.
It's Really Starting To Resonate Even Amongst Our Own Developers.

Over Time, There's Going To Be A Portfolio Of Devices From Different Companies. I Think There's An Opportunity With Qualcomm To Have A Range Of Form Factors, Price Points, Color Material Finishes, And So Forth.
We've Had Some Great Conversations With Other OEMs Too For Future Devices, And They're Very Excited About Bringing Their Own Spin To The Technology. So Our Goal Is To Enable OEMs To Build A Range Of Different Types Of Devices At Different Price Points.
I Think Over Time We'll Get There, But I Think Right Now We've Got These Core Partnerships We Need To Execute On And Be Successful With, And Then That Will Kind Of Enable Us To Broaden The Ecosystem."
- Pete Bernard, Principal Group Program Manager, Silicon And Connectivity Partners, Microsoft.

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