Pixel 2 XL Review: Why You Should Buy It?

Last Year When Google Launched The Original Pixel, It Was Showered With Positive Reviews.
Both The Models Were Amazingly Fast With Incredible Cameras.
It Set A Standard So High, That It Seemed Like Tough For Even Google Itself To Pass.
But With Google Pixel 2 XL, The Bars Have Been Raised Even Higher.

Pixel 2 XL Is The Bigger Of The Two Latest Smartphones By Google Unveiled This Very Month With A 6-Inch Screen Compared To The Smaller 5-Inch Screen Pixel 2.
So If You Are Looking To Buy A New Android Phone, Pixel 2 XL Is The Phone To Buy.

Here Is Why You Should Get It.

The Overall Look Of Pixel 2 XL Is Pretty Satisfying.
Even Though It Doesn’t Exactly Have The Same Feel As The Other Phones Like Samsung Or Iphone Have, But With The Trimmed Bezels And All-Glass Front It Is Surely Nothing Less Than A Premium Phone.
Although If You Want The Official Premium Fee;, You May Want To Go For Note 8 Or Iphone X, But It Doesn’t Make Pixel 2 XL Any Less Cool.
It Feels Really Strong And Solid With A Matte Plastic Back With A Very Classy Finish.
It Is Much Lighter Than It Looks Like And Has A Very Easy Grip.

As For The Display, It Is Pretty Much Same As All The Other Flagship Phones.
It Has A 6-Inch Poled Display Which Is The Same If Not Better Than Pixel’s AMOLED.
It Has Beautiful Colors And An Amazing Contrast, Especially When Compared With Iphone 8.
The Display Is Taller Than It Was Last Year With A Ratio Of 18:9.
Moreover, There Is Also An “Always On” Function That Shows The Basic Functions When The Phone Is In The Sleep Mode.

And Now For The Killer Feature
There Is Nothing That Can Be Compared To The Experience Of Pure Android That You Can Get With Google.
For Other Phones, There Are Layers And Layers Of Customization That Deprive The Consumer Of The Real Android Experience.
But With Google, You Get The Fastest And Cleanest Software, And That Includes Timely Updates.
No Bloatware, No Stocking.
The Original Android Software Is Way Faster Than It Is With A Launcher And Much More Responsive.
It Will Take You To A Whole New Level Of User Experience.
Then There Are The Incredible Cameras
Yes I Said Cameras And That’s Not Because Pixel 2 XL Has Dual Lens, Because It Doesn’t.
Using Only One Camera And A Little Help From The Software, Pixel 2 XL Does What Other Phones Needed 2 Lenses To Do.
Is That Amazing, Or What?
Not Only Has That, But Pixel 2 XL Also Had A Portrait Mode For Selfie Camera!
This Is Something No Other Smartphone Has As Yet.

So If You Are Thinking About Getting A New Phone, It’s A Green Light For The Pixel 2 XL.
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