7 Things You Didn't Know About 3D Printing

“The 3D Printer Is A Double Edged Weapon. We Get A Lot Of Advancement From Technologies But We Must Also Suffer It’s Unknown Consequences.” –Unknown

With The Change In Time And With The Change In Industrial Revolution, It’s Easy To Get Hands-On With 3D Printing. With The Potential Benefits And Possibilities Of Cheap Transportation Cost, Waste And Trust-On Corporations By Switching On Maker Movement.
But, We Can’t Get Away From The Fact That 3D Printers Are Still A Potential Threat And So Is 3D Printing. We Can Get Amazed At What 3D Printing Technology Can Built And At The Same Time We Can Still Get Terrorized Of Their Destructive Capabilities. Today, We Will Illustrate Some Unknown And Amazing Fact You Don’t Know About 3d Printing But We’ll Also Make You Aware About Their Dark Secrets Also. Here Are Some Best Hand Picked Groups

1.Printing Everyting!!!!
You Will Be Amazed But You Can Print Almost Everything With The 3D Printing Technology..Even Cakes, Chocolates, Jellybeans!!! So Exciting..Isn’t It? Nowadays 3D Printing Can Print Even Concrete, Synthetic Stone, Ceramics, Marble, Cement Bricks And Every Possible Construction Materials. It Can Be Even Embedded By Fine Layers Of Stainless Steel And Aluminum, And Then We Can Glue Them With Laser Or Electron Beam. We Already Have Seem Magnificent Examples Of 3D Body Implants,  Hardwires,  Fashion Wares And House Wares.

2.3D Printing Designs And Animations
Now, It Comes The Most Useful Purpose Of 3D Printing. Creating 3D Printing Animations, Prototypes, Models And Dozen Of Industrial Templates. Lots Of 3D Templates Can Be Manufactures Using 3D Printing Software. You Have Blender, Sketch Up, Solid Works And Much More Tools. Choice Of Engineer And Industrialists.

3.Everyone Gets What They Desire
A Mechanical Engineer Can Create His Best CAD Designs Using 3D Printing. A Car Manufactures Can Design Each Component Of Car Fabric Or Cabin Or Even Most Of  Car Design Sheet.  Advance 3d Printing Are Now Making 3d Prinitng More Popular. You Can Easily Buy 3d Printing Pen Now In Affordable Prices. But Make Sure To Read Online Comparison Among 3d Pens Before Buying A One. A Gift Shop Owner Can Design Beautiful Gifts Such As Crafts, Color Toys Or Even Anything He Can Create What Can Be Gifted Up To People Without Even Convincing Sponsors Or Their Partners. More We Can Pick Our Products As Individual And Stay Relevant To Companies And Are Further Able To Customize Or Personalized Products.

4.Loopholes In Gun Control
The First Successful Gun Printed Was An Old News. But It’s Aftershocks Are Important.  Companies Are Popping Up Like Mushrooms And Are Selling These  Guns Or Their CAD/CAM Designs.  Many Engineering Firms Have Fired Out Rounds From 3D Printed Bullets. Even Those Guns Can’t Be Detected By Metal Detectors Because   It’s A Tiny Piece Not A Metal. But Still US Legislatures Are Attempting To Close Loopholes  Before It Can Cause Another Las Vegas Massacre.

5.National Security Issues
According To A Research By National Defense University, The Risk To National Security Was Highlighted From 3D Technology. Although There Are Significant Legal And Economic, Direct And Indirect Issues On Business And Corporate Sectors, 3D Printing Technology Produces A Wide  Range Of Objects That Are Not Under Proper Control. We Should Analyze The Future Risk.

6.Unlimited Creativity
As Per The Demonstration Of OK Hand In 3D Printing, One Thing Is For Sure…You Get Unlimited Creative Power.  Even Chris Milnes Designed A T-800 Terminator Redux..So Can You Imagine How Much Creativity It Produces? Once You Start Making Design In Your Mind You Won’t Be Stopped  Anywhere With The Help Of These Technology. 3D Printing Provides Ample Opportunity To Fix Handle Of Wooden Door Or Even Repair Broken Flush In Toilet…The Only Thing Is, You Need Capability To Create Everything, You Can Go Anywhere And Design Over Everything.

7.Possibilty Of Printing Out Unhealthy Drugs
You Can Even Assemble Chemical Components And Compounds At Molecular Level With The Help Of 3D Printing Technology. A Researcher From Glasglow University Created A 3D Prototype “Chemputer” That Makes Medical Drugs And Medicines. This Is Indication That He Want To Revolutionaries The Medical Field By Creating Biomedicines And Want To Get Their Blueprint From Their Pharmacy. Surely, It Sounds Like A Long Way In Future But It Is Still An Alert That Many Chemists Will Produces Cocaine Or Heroine Or Brown Sugar From It.

Wrapping It UP

With Advancing Technology You Can Also Create Revolting Products With 3D Printing. But It’s Also Necessary That We Should Be Aware Of It’s Benefits And Dangers. Though You Can Build Up Any Home Or Industrial Hardware From 3D Printing With The Help Of Makerbot, It’s Upto Us For What Purpose We Should Use This Product. Like I Said In Beginning Of The Article We Will Replace Here 3D Printing Technology  With Just Technology. “Technology Is A Double Edged Weapon. For One If It’s Productive Asses For Some Psycho It May Be A Deadly And Destructive Weapon.” Choose Wisely.

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