Nokia 6 (2018) is Confirmed as Nokia 6.1

Many Nokia fans are waiting for Nokia 6 2018 to be launched globally. Now it seems Nokia 6 2018 may arrive as Nokia 6.1 and also that the Nokia TA-1016 & TA-1045 duo are Nokia 6.1. Both TA-1016 and TA-1045 have passed FCC certification some days ago, if you remember.

Canadian certification agency has entry for TA-1016 as Nokia 6.1. This kind of confirms that HMD may be planning to launch Nokia 6 2018 as Nokia 6.1.

Now, another entry of Nokia 6.1 was caught at Geekbench and it revealed something that may not make you too happy. It seems just like Nokia 6 2017, Nokia 6 2018 or now Nokia 6.1 will also arrive with 3GB RAM. Though even with 3GB RAM Nokia 6 gives no opportunity to crib and performs very well.

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