Important Of Technology In Education-Why Technology Is Good For Education?

“The Most Powerful Weapon Ever Known To Humanity Is The Power To Learn, And The Power To Pass It On To Other; The Power Of Education.”

From Our Birth; To Today, Or Even Our Demise The One Thing That Always Remains Constant Is Education. It’s Not Only The Learning But It’s Also What We Teach Others And What We Learn From It, That’s Important. That’s Why We Always See That Education Is Given More Priority. As This Is The Tool That Makes Or Break Other’s Thinking Toward Us.
But, Now One More Factor That Is As Important As Education Is Technology. Now We Can Say That One Cannot Exist Without The Other. We Can See Technology Is Everywhere In Education And There Is No Technology Without Education.

“We Need Technology In Every Classroom And In Every Student And Teacher’s Hand, Because It Is The Pen And Paper Of Our Time, And It Is The Lens Through Which We Experience Much Of Our World.” - David Warlick

Technology Is Now Been Used In Every Aspect Of Education Whether It Is In Teaching, Learning, Examination, Career Planning Etc.

👉 Technology In Examination

We As A Nation Have Started To Implement This And One Of The Biggest And Most Prominent Examples Of This Can Be Seen In Our Large Mass Examination System. Whether It Might Be NEET, AIIMS Or Even The Upcoming Exam Of Asia’s Largest University In The Technical Field, The UPTU 2019 Exams. They All Use Technology Extensively And Thus It Makes The Whole Functioning Smooth And Efficient And Glitches Free.

👉 Technology In Learning

Something Can Be Retained Longer If We Can See It, Feel It And Perceive It. This Is What Technology Is Doing To The System Of Learning. Technology Has Improved The Efficiency Of Teachers. Now Teachers Can Show Students What They Are Explaining Using Audio-Visual Aids, This Would Also Increase Their Attention And They Can Retain More.
Even After Class If Students Want They Can Relook Into It What Their Teacher Has Taught Them During The Course Of The Whole Day Can Be Done Using Technology. Thus, We Can See How Technology Has Made Learning More Efficient And Easy.
Now Even Everyone Can Learn Or Even Teach Anything From Any Part Of The World From Where Ever We Might Be Weather In Our Office, School, Dining Table Or Even In Our Comfortable Backyard. This Is How Technology Has Changed The Education System.
Who Would Have Imagined This A Couple Of Decades Earlier That An Indian Who Is In China Can Teach An African Who Is In Spain About American History?

👉 Technology In Career Planning

Many Times We Have Been Stuck In A Void Space Thinking About Our Career Thinking “What’s Next”; This Is The Place Where We Have Reached Up To Technology And Looked Upon Various Opportunities Throughout The World.
Education Is No More Something Regional Or Even National. With Technology, We Can Impart Education From All Nook And Corner Of This World. Even A Girl From A Part Of Kerala Who Wants To Pursue A Career In The Technical Field From A College In Gujarat. Can Just Search For Top Btech Colleges In Gujarat, And She Can Get All The Required Knowledge That She Wants.
Thus, We Can See How Technology Has Helped In Improving The Education System. In Return, The Education System Has Used All These Facilities And Is Constantly Working On Improving The Technology That Is Present Today. So, That We Can Have A Better Tomorrow. Now We Can Clearly State That

“Humans Have Created Education And Technology Which Can Together, Build Or Even Destroy A Whole Civilization”

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