Is It Possible To Stop The Pop Up Of Imessage On Other Devices?

One Of The Interesting Factors Or The Critical Element Of Imessage Platform Is Its Ability To Gain Access From Any Apple Device. All You Need Is Your Apple ID. You Can Quickly Pull A Message From The Cloud To Your Iphone, Ipod, And Ipad. However, At The Same Time, It Is Also Annoying, As Sending And Receiving Text Messages On The Platform Will Send Notifications To All The Devices. But, You Can Now Fix The Problem With Ease. You Can Easily Turn-Off The Notification Or The Pop Up Of The Message On Other Idevices.

The Right Method
When Contacted, Apple Stated That It Is Necessary To Create A Separate Apple ID For An Individual Member Of The Family And Then Connect All Using The Family Sharing Option. Nonetheless, The Family Sharing Option Is Not The Right Kind Of The Activity To Perform Given The Fact That Both Iphone And Ipad Are Capable Of Supporting Multiple Profiles, Which Makes It Easy To Handle Different People At A Time. In A Sense, Apple Is Making Us Buy More Of The Devices For Every Member Of The Family. As Not Everyone Possesses Enough Money To Purchase Both Iphone And Ipad For Every Member, We Often Choose To Share The Apple ID.
Fortunately, You Do Have Another Path To Deactivate The Pop Up On Another Device.
How To Limit Or Deactivate The Pop Up Appearing On Other Apple Devices
We Receive Messages On Our Iphone Or Ipad Using Apple ID, Which Uses The Registered Mail Address And Phone Number. However, It Is Possible To Add Another Email Address And Set Instructions To Receive Messages To That Particular Email Address. It Means, Even Though You Are Sharing The Same Apple ID, You Can Still Limit The Number Of Messages That You Wish To Receive Or Stop The Appearance Of The Pop-Up. Additionally, You Can Route The Messages To Different Mail Addresses Associated With Various Devices. To Do This, You Have To Change A Few Settings, Which Are:
  1. Open The Settings Application On Iphone Or Ipad
  2. Tap Messages From The Left Side Menu
  3. Search For Send & Receive Option From The Menu And Tap The Same
  4. Selecting It Will Show You All The Email Addresses And Phone Numbers Associated With The Apple ID
  5. From The List, Uncheck The Email ID Or The Phone From Which You Do Not Wish To Receive The Message
  6. Ensure That At Least One Email Address And Phone Is Active
  7. If You Do Not Want To Use Imessage At All, You Can Toggle The Switch To Off Position By Heading To The Previous Menu
  8. If You Like To Use Two Different Sources Of Communication Such As Phone Number And Email Address, Then You Can Choose Any Of The Media As The Default By Using Start New Conversations From Setting
  9. As A Default, The Registered Email Address Is The Mode Of Communication For Receiving The Messages. But, If You Do Not See The Same, You Can Add Any Other Email Address, And Your Family And Friends Can Send Messages To That Specific Mail Id Via Imessage Application
Any Difference With The Phone Calls
Facetime Functions Very Much Similar To That Of Imessage. Apple Routes The Calls Arriving At The Device Using The Registered Email Address Or The Phone Number. By Default, They Are Active. If You Utilize Facetime Excessively, Then You Are Bound To See The Pop-Up Notifications On All The Apple Devices That You Own. You Can Now Use Imessages To Directly Share Garageband Music Which Is Now Even Available For Windows.

You Can Follow The Similar Steps Mentioned Above To Disable The Pop-Up Or Restrict The Calls. However, Instead Of Heading To The Settings Application, You Can Perform It By Clicking The App To See The Addresses Listed For Communication. From Here, You Can Uncheck The Contacts From Which You Do Not Wish To Receive A Call.

Although Pop Up Is Annoying And Receiving Them Continuously On All The Devices Puts You At The Breaking Point, Choosing One Apple ID And Sharing With The Family Is Simple Than Having Plenty Of Idevices For Every Member Of The Family. You Can Follow The Steps Mentioned Above To Deactivate The Annoying Pop-Ups And Have A Quiet Life.

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