Antimalware Service Executable What Is It And How To Disable?

During Usage, Windows Operation System Has To Deal With Many Programs Which Can Often Lead To Malfunctions, Which In Turn Can Slow Down Your Computer. If The Computer Starts To Slow Down, The First Thing The User Will Do Is Go To The Task Manager. In It, You Can See Which Processes Are Loading The System - Hard Disk, Central Processing Unit Or RAM. One Of The Most Common Process These Days Which Is Causing Antimalware Service Executable High Cpu. Closing This Process Through Task Manager Is Nearly Impossible. To Get Rid Of This Process Consuming Your Cpu And Disk Usage You May Often Have To Restart Your Computer. But A Reboot Is Not A Guarantee That Antimalware Service Executable Will Not Start To Cause Problems Again In A Few Minutes Or Hours Of Computer Operation.

What Is Antimalware Service Executable

Before You Look For A Way To Disable The Antimalware Service Executable Process, You Need To Understand What It Is Used For In Windows Computers. Microsoft Implements By Default In Its Operating System Many Tools To Combat Viruses. They Can Be Global, That Is, Work On The Entire System, Or Local, For Example, Only Function In Microsoft Edge Or Windows Store. The Antimalware Service Executable Process Is Another Antivirus Service Developed By Microsoft. It Is Embedded In Every Product Of An American Corporation Aimed At Combating Malicious Software. The Executable File Of The Antimalware Service Executable Process Is MSMPENG.EXE. It Constantly Runs In The Background, Performing A System Scan. If The Scan Process Becomes Looped, Antimalware Service Executable Will Start Loading The System - Hard Disk, CPU Or RAM. 

AntiMalware Service Executable AntiMalware Service Executable Microsoft Does Not Recommend Disabling The Antimalware Service, But It Can Be Done If The Computer Slows Down Due To Its Work. Note: Do Not Disable Antimalware Because It Is A System File. Excluding It From Windows Can Lead To Unstable Operation Of The Entire OS.

How To Disable AntiMalware Service Executable

There Are Many Applications On The Network That Promise To Disable Antimalware Service Executable When They Are Downloaded. It Is Highly Discouraged To Use Them, Since These Programs Can Be Viruses. You Can Disable The Antimalware Service Executable Process Using Windows Tools As Follows:
  1. You Need To Go To The "Control Panel". To Do This, Right-click On The "Start" Button And Select The Appropriate Item.
  2. Switch "View" To The "Large Icons" Mode And Select "Administration".
  3. Among The Available Utilities, Select Task Scheduler And Run It;
  4. A New Window Opens, In Which You Will Need To Configure The Antimalware Service Executable Service Script.
  5. Open The "Task Scheduler Library" → Microsoft → Windows → Windows Defender.
  6. Open All 4 Files, One By One And Go To The Conditions Tab.
  7. Now Remove All The Checked Boxed For All Files.
  8. Then, End All 4 Files By Transferring The Status To "Disabled".

Now You Have Successfully Disabled Windows Defender Antimalware Service Executable Service. Disabling This Service Makes Your Computer Prone To Viruses Or Malwares. So Make Sure You Install A Suitable Antivirus Solution That Is Less Likely To Eat Up Your Cpu Resources. If You Face Any Problem With The Steps In The Tutorial Then Comment Below And I Will Be Glad To Help You.

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