How Seo Works? The Basics Of Seo

How Seo Works: 
Let Me Start By Giving You An Example Of How Google Seo Works. 
Google Has Developed Auto Algorithms That Rank Your Blogs Or Websites. Google Send Out Bots Your Site And Check It For Over Hundreds Of Indicators That Determine That Your Site Is Useful Or Useless. These Indicators Include Domain Age, Backlinks,Fresh Content, Traffic, Etc.
Seo Is The Workings Of The Bots And What They Find. It Is An Extremely Complex Things That Is Continuously Changing But In All That Chaos There Are A Few Constants That Have Remained True For The Beginners.

The Basics Of Seo For Blogging:

1. You Need Your Unique Domain And Best Hosting 
The Beginners Need To Know Is That You Need Your Own Unique Domain And Own Hosting.
Free Blog Set Ups Do Not Do Any Good For Your Seo.
Many People Will Say That If You Were Really Serious About Your Website You Would Get Your Own Name And Host It Yourself. And Google Only Wants The Websites That Are Considered Serious And Trustworthy And So This Is A Very Basic Stuffs.
I Will Recommend All New Bloggers To Get Their Own Domain And Hosting Setup From The Very Beginning.

2. Solve Your Problems With Original Contents
We Need To Remember That Google’s Purpose Is To Provide Their Customers With Useful Search Results.
To Be Realistic, The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Seo Is Create Huge Useful Content That Solves Everyones Problems. Solving Problems That People Are Searching For Then It Will Lead Your Work To Get Shared On Social Media And Ranked In Google.
The Original Content Means Everything For Blog Posts Nowadays. You Should Start Working Into Followings:
  • Photography
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Tools And Plugins

3. Build Backlinks In A Natural Way
If You Are Beginner With Seo You Need Know About Backlinks And Why Its Useful. A Backlink Is When Another Website Links Back To Your Site From Their Site.
Not All Backlinks Are Equal Though. You Can Use A Tools Like Semrush If You Want To See Who Is Linking To You.

4. Make Your Theme Is Seo Optimized 
Seo Are Having Two Components, The Off-Site Things Like Social Media And Backlinks And The On-Site Things Like Optimizing Your Themes.
Optimizing Your Theme Is Most Important Thing, Because It Helps Give Google Indicators That You Are A Trustworthy. It Also Helps Google Find Your Content. Some Of The Things You Can Include:
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Cleanly Coded
  • Secure SSL Domain
  • Unique Design

5. Fix Permalink Structure 
Permalinks Are Useful Locate Your Blog And Its Posts And Pages. They Are Made Up Of A Root And An Extension.
Now, It Is Very Important To Have A Permalink Structure. You Can Change This In Wordpress By Going Settings > Permalinks. The Best Option To Have In There, Is Just The Post Name. So You Should Select Custom Structure And Then Add /%Postname%/

6. Set Up On Webmaster Tools
Easiest Things You Can Do Is Head Over To Google Search Console And Add Your Blogs Or Website
The Service That Google Provides Is Basically Allows You To See Your Blogs From Their Point Of View – How It Appears In The Search Results, How Many People Click Your Links, Etc.
This Information Is Valuable Because It  Gives You Insights Into How Google Treats Different Aspects Of Your Blog.

7. Try Commenting On Other Blogs
Seo Tricks Consisted Of Commenting On Other Blogs. Not Only It Will Get You More Traffic And Exposure, It Also Counts As A Backlink.
Try And Use This Site Market Samurai To See Where Your Bloggers Are Getting Their Backlinks From. You Might Just Find A Bunch Of Them Come From Comments On Well Ranked Blog Posts.

8. Build Your Social Media Profiles
Google Now Be Looking To Social Media As A Signal Of An Article’s Relevance. If People Are Tweeting About It Then Chances Are You Have Written Something Pretty Good. And The Great Way To Get Tweets Is To Build A Following And Write Awesome Contents That They Just Love To Promote For You.

9. Seo Plugins
There Are Many Wordpress Plugins Out There That You Can Install To Get Help With Your Seo.
One Of Them To Start With Is The All In One Seo Pack Which Does So Many Little Things For You Like Helping You Craft Titles, Descriptions And So On.
There Is Also Another One The Google Sitemaps Plugin That Automatically Creates A Sitemap For You To Submit To Google So They Can See An Overview Of Your Site.
Make Sure You Read Through The Comments Below As There Are A Lot Of Other Excellent Suggestions From Our Readers About What They Are Using.

10. Read, Study And Use Improvise
I Am Concerned That The Best Resource For Seo Related Material In The World Is Moz

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