How To Become A Career Counsellor In India?

Career Counselling Is Growing To Be One Of The Most Lucrative Careers In India. Like Any Other Branch Of Counselling, This Is Also A Respectable Profession In The Country. Imagine Yourself Being Of Help To Not Just One But Hundreds And Thousands Of Students Or Candidates. Your Career As A Career Counsellor Will Be Highly Rewarding When You See Candidates Excel In Their Professional Lives With Your Guidance. It Generally Involves Helping With Career Exploration,  Personal Career Development, Career Change, And Other Career-Related Issues.

From Selecting A Course Of Study In School To Helping Find A Good Job, Career Guidance Helps Candidates Decide On A Better Future. They Understand That Each Candidate Is Unique, With Their Own Set Of Talents, Weaknesses And Personality. Keeping This In Mind, A Career Guide Will Educate About Career Choices, Make One Mentally Ready For College And May Share Personal Advice To Bring A Positive Change In Their Life. Undergoing Career Counseling In India Is A Very Pleasant Experience For Both Children And Adolescents Where Counsellors Are Suggesting The Best Career Choices By Identifying The Strengths, Weaknesses, Talents, Skills, Unique Interests, Strengths And Talents.

Becoming A Career Counsellor

A Counsellor Should Understand That Their Advice Modifies The Thinking Of The Candidates, Making Them Take Life-Changing Decisions. As A Career Guide, One Should Know How Human Or Child Psychology Works To Understand The Issues Properly And Carry Out A Fine Assessment Of The Personality Before Providing The Right Solution. A Background In Psychological Studies Could Be Really Helpful For Pursuing Career Counseling In India. For Becoming A Certified Career Expert, One Needs To Earn A Master's Degrees In School Counselling Or Educational Counselling. They Should Also Grasp Professional Knowledge About The Field To Carry Out Their Duties To Perfection. There Are A Plethora Of Well- Designed Courses That Train The Career Guides Of Tomorrow Perfectly. One Could Apply For Courses In Human Development, Career Development, Assessment And Counseling Methods At Various Institutes In India And Earn A Diploma Or A PG Diploma. Moreover, There Are Certificate Courses For Career Guidance As Well.

Educational Requirements

To Prepare For Career Counselling In India, One Can Pursue Graduation In Social Work, Psychology After Class 12th And Move On To Post Graduation In Life Skill Education, Psychology Or Counselling Thereafter. One Should Always Choose An Accredited Educational Institution For A Fruitful Career Ahead. After This, One Is Eligible For Diploma Course That Has A Duration Of 1-2 Years. In Case One Already Has A Graduate Degree In Psychology, They Can Opt Directly For PG Diploma Courses.
Counselling Courses Provide Course Notes, Regular Assignments, Mock Career Counseling Cum Testing Sessions And Much More. These Help Budding Career Guides Acquire New Skills To Guide Individuals In The Time Of Educational, Professional, Social Or Personal Crisis.

Skills Required For Career Counseling In India

Career Counselling Is Not An Easy Job. It Requires A Lot Of Patience, Sensitivity And Commitment. One Needs To Have An Inner Calling To Help People And Inspire Them. Apart From The Academic Qualifications, Counsellors Must Be Tolerant Towards Problems Faced By The Individuals In Order To Assess Their Problems Correctly And Offer Solutions. A Good Counsellor Is An Active Listener, Excellent Communicator, Keen Observer, Reflective And Always Asks The Right Questions. Career Guides Should Learn To Work Independently As Well As In A Team. If The Candidate Has Any Doubt, A Career Expert Should Readily Provide A Clarification. Career Counselling Experts Have To Be Empathetic And Should Be Able To Initiate And Develop Trust From Themselves Within The Candidates. Only Then, Will They Be Able To Restore The Confidence Of A Candidate. At All Times, A Career Counselling Expert Should Keep Their Discussions Professional And Confidential.

Job Prospects And Career Growth In Career Counselling

There Are A Plenty Of Job Opportunities If One Is Looking Forward To Pursuing Career Counseling In India. A Career Guide Gets To Work In Different Kinds Of Work Settings Whether It Is A Private Practice Or In Schools, Colleges, Universities, Career Counseling Centers, Etc. Career Counselors Can Also Work With Career Information Centres And Conduct Career Education Programmes. With The Growing Craze Of The Internet, It Is Also Possible To Reach Out To Students And Other Candidates With Online Career Counselling Services.

Career Counselling Services In India Is Getting More Popular By The Day. Many Prestigious Schools And Educational Institutes Are Hiring Career Counsellors To Deal With The Problems Faced By Students. These Counselors Help In A Student’s Development By Telling Them To Tackle Their Problems Rather Than Getting Overwhelmed By Them. They Deal With Academic, Social, Behavioural, And Personal Problems Of These Students. They Evaluate The Real Personality Traits Of The Students Along With Their Interests, Skills, Abilities And Talents To Help Them Fix The Right Academic And Career Goals. A Counsellor May Decide To Work Closely With The Parents, Teachers, Professors And Administrators At An Educational Institute To Direct Every Student Towards The Right Career Direction.

Pay Scale For A Career Expert

Career Counseling In India Is Not Only A Satisfactory Career With Respect To The Improved Future Of The Lost Students But Also Because It Turns Out To Be A Well-Paying Job. In The Initial Stages, One May Just Receive A Salary Of INR  20000-25000 Per Month Which Is Not A Bad Start. Given That A Career Counsellor Can Charge Students And Their Clients Anything Between INR 500 To INR 2000 Per Session And Any Special Guidance Service Provided To Them. Offering Quality Career Counseling In India Can Help A Career Guide Earn Around INR 70,000 Per Month Easily.

These Were The Main Things To Consider To Become A Career Counsellor In India. Make Sure You Access The Best Training To Become A Career Guide And Choose The Right Career Counselling Institute To Move Ahead In Your Career.

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