Importance of Physics In Day To Day Life!

Physics Is Like Mathematics In The Purity Of Its Principles. Physics Describes How Natural World Works Through Mathematical Formulas. It Deals With The Fundamental Forces Of The Universe And Their Interactions With The Matter By Looking At Everything From Galaxies And Planets To Atoms And Everything In Between. All Natural Sciences Stem From Physics. Physics Theory Is Responsible For The Breakthroughs In Electronics That Advances In Modern Computers And Electronic Media. For Further Study, We Turned The World Wide Web In Search Of Physics Help Online And Yet Found What We Were Looking For.. Few Further Studies Are As Follows:

The Biggest Discoveries That Mankind Has Ever Made Is Electricity. Through A Good Understanding Of Physics, We Have Been Able To Harness It Into Something Useful For Electricity, Which Is A Large Collection Of Electronics. Creating A Voltage Differential Through Something As Simple As A Battery, We Can Make Electrons Move, Which Is The Entire Basis Of Electricity. Moving Electrons Power The Circuits That Allow Radios, Televisions, Lights And Other Electronic Devices To Work.

A Transistor Is A Basic Part Of A Computer That Has Allowed The Creation Of Computer Chips And Has Powered The Computer Age. The Transistor Was Developed Through A Breakthrough In Solid-state Physics, The Invention Of The Semiconductor. Semiconductors Are Pieces Of Elements That Act Differently Under Different Temperatures And Voltages. Which Means That Different Applications Of Voltage, A Semiconductor Can Be Made To Hold Information, Which Is Stored Because, Until You Apply A Voltage To Change It, A Semiconductor Outputs A High Or Low Voltage. High Voltages Are Interpreted As 1's And Low Voltages Are Interpreted As 0's. Through This System, All Computers Are Able To Store Information In Billions Of Little Transistors. Which Are Also Known As Binary Codes

The Advance Of The Airplane Is Primarily Advanced In Physics. Airplanes Are Capable Of Flight According To Bernoulli's Fluid Dynamics Formulas. The Amount Of People That A Plane Can Carry Is Proportional To The Amount Of Thrust It Can Generate. This Is True Because The Thrust Pushes The Wing Forward And Air Curves Over The Wing And It Lifts. The Air That Curves Over The Wing Cause An Area Of Low Pressure And The Slower Moving Air Underneath The Wing Pushes Up On The Bottom Of It. The Faster The Wind, The More Lift Generated And The More Weight The Plane Can Carry.

Rocket Science Depending Heavily On Physics, Deriving The Formulas For Thrust And Combustion From It. The Force Of Combustion Is A Measurable Quantity, And The Force Can Be Directed Through A Nozzle To Create A Thrust. These Knowable Equations, We Can Calculate The Thrust Needed To Achieve Liftoff. The Vacuum Of Space Is Overcome Through An Understanding Of Pressure. The Low Pressure Outside The Vessel Has To Be Overcome Through A Seal Of Proper Strength. We Can Use Pressure Calculations To Figure Out The Strength Of The Seal. In Conclusion, Space Flight Is One Of The Greatest Achievements, The Future Of Mankind Was Determined Through An Understanding Of Physics.

Nuclear Energy
The Nuclear Bomb, One Of The Most Powerful Weapons Mankind Has At Its Disposal, Is Directly Related To Physics. An Atomic Bomb Uses A Process Called Fission To Split Apart Heavy Atoms. This Process Allows Us To Unlock The Energy Present In Matter. This Understanding Of Matter Also Has The Possibility Of Allowing Us To Produce Untold Amounts Of Energy We Can Harness For A Nonmilitary Purpose. Additionally, Fusion, Or The Combination Of Different Atoms, Could Be The Future Solution To All Our Energy Needs.

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