Grammarly: Why You Should Use This Grammar Checker?

A Good Workman Always Double-checks His Work. Every Day, People All Over The World Miss Out On Opportunities Because Of Simple Grammar Errors. These Errors Cause Stress And Get Us Into Rough Situations. It’s Important To Check Your Work To Ensure There Are No Negative Effects.

We Explore A Few Ways In Which Bad Grammar Can Trip You Up And Negatively Impact Your Life. There Is One Awesome Software Grammarly Which Can Ease Work With Grammar Check.
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1. Losing The Job Before The Interview
Sending A CV Without Grammar Checking Is A Destructive One. If An HR Gets Your CV/application Form Containing Mistakes, The Company Is Not Going To Offer You An Interview. A Job Receives 50000+ Applicants. To Give Yourself A Fighting Chance Of Getting The Job, Make Sure You Triple-check Your Grammar Before Sending Off Your Application Or Simply Use Grammarly.

2. Getting A Complaint Taken Seriously
Write An Email Or Letter Of Complaint In The Hope Of Generating An Apology Or Refund. If You Write A Letter Littered With Grammatical Errors You Are Less Likely To Get The Positive Response. This Is Discriminatory To Those With Bad Writing Skills.

3. Losing Respect As A Blogger
Blogs Can Be Run With The Odd Mistake, As People Can Appreciate That Writing Is Done As A Hobby. Blogging Has Become More Competitive, And You Need To Shine Above Your Competitors For A Bigger Readership Is Greater. But Keep Making Silly Grammar Errors And You’ll Soon See Your Visitor Numbers Fall Down. Don’t  Publish Article Before You've Used Grammarly.

4. Being Taken Out Of Context
There Are Few Things Worse Than Being Misunderstood By Someone You Really Want To Make Understand Your Position. But In Today’s World, This Happens Regularly Because Of The Amount Of Communication Conducted Via The Written Word. Debates Usually Turn On Blogs, Facebook And Twitter Daily, And If There Is A Problem With Your Grammar You Can Easily Be Misunderstood. This Could Damage Your Reputation On Your Debate.

5. No Second Chance
The Majority Of Typing Is Done On PC, There Are Many Situations Where Your Final Word Is Final And Won’t Get An Opportunity To Go Back And Edit Mistakes. An Example Is Printed And Published Works In Books And Magazines. There Are Other Events Where Your Written Word Is Final. Such As An Entry In A School Yearbook Or Letter To A Loved One.

6. Negatively Implicating Yourself In A Legally Binding Statement
You May Have An Argument With An Employee, Commit A Crime, Become The Victim Of Mistaken Identity. In Such Situations, You Will Need To Write A Statement That Gives You The Opportunity To State Your Statement. This Statement Will Help You To Tell Your Side Of The Story. Grammar Checks The Document To Ensure It Says Exactly What Happened. You Don't Want Is To Negatively Implicate Yourself Through The Use Of Poor Grammar.

Writing Is A Powerful Tool That Can Work For And Against You, Depending On Your Level Of Ability. No Matter How Expert You Become At Using The Word, Never Become Overconfident. Grammar Checks Every Piece Of Work For Peace Of Mind. Grammarly Makes Your Work Easier

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