Do You Also Believe These Seo Ecommerce Myths?

E-Commerce Platforms Are A Blessing In Disguise That Has A Unique Status In The Market And Also For The Customers. The Reason For This Popularity Is That They Are An Easy, Engaging, And Friendly Platform That People Find Trustworthy. But Do You Realize The Amount Of Seo Required Making These Platforms So Compatible For Everyone? I Guess You Don’t!

Doing Search Engine Optimization For A Website Is Not An Easy Job If The Seo Is Bad The Website Will Perish And Vice Versa.  Since The E-Commerce Site Is Humongous, The Seo Is Even More Complicated Needing More Efforts And Time.

The Process Of Seo Is A Continuing One, And Errors Are Bound To Happen But Most Of The Times These Errors Happen Due To Misconception People Have About E-Commerce Seo. There Are Myths Associated With This That Hampers The Work Of People. So Below We Are Bursting 6 Myths About This, Mentioned By W3clicks.

Do You Also Believe These Seo Ecommerce Myths? Well, Let’s Crack Them:

Myth Number 1: Focus Just On Technical Seo

Most Marketers Believe The Conception That Seo Is About Technical Seo Which Leads Them To Stop Optimizing Their Websites. Forgoing Other Seo Practices To Just Focus On Technical One Will Bring Down The Ranking. Optimization And Link Building Is A Must If You Want To Have A Good Ranking.  A Good Link Profile Will Help Google Analyze Your Website As Credible. For This, The Content Must Be Of Top-Notch Quality With Keywords Rather Than Just Doing Technical Seo.

Myth Number 2: Category Page Is Not Important

Category Pages Are The Better Way To Get A Good Ranking. Category-Specific Keyword Searches Are Best When It Comes To Getting Noticed Than Any Other Page, According To E-Commerce Experts. For Example, If You Sell Baking Appliances And People Are Searching For It Then Has A Category Of Baking Appliances In Your Website.

Don’t Waste Your Efforts If You Don’t Involve This Page As They Get The Best Ranking. Category Pages Of The Website Needs Be Optimized Using Exact Keyword Group And Then The Meta Description, Title And H1 Tag Etc. Must Be I Sync With That Keyword So That It Can Easily Be Found In Search Engine Results

Myth Number 3: Duplicate Content In External Site Is Bad

Duplicate Content Means Having Similar Content In More Than One Page Of The Same Website. This Content Makes Your Site Look Bad And Spam To Google. But Many Times E-Commerce Website Use The Same Product Description For Many Pages.  These Can Make The Ranking Go Down But This Is Not The Only Factor For This Dip In Ranking.

If Instead Of Having The Same Content, You Can Get Good Backlinks And Reviews From Customers About Their Good Experience Than The Effect Of Duplicated Content Can Be Neutralized.

Myth Number 4:  Reviews Are Of No Help

Reviews Are A Great Way Of Adding Fresh Content To Your Website Page. Marketers Should Use Strategy To Ask People To Give Product Reviews. These Reviews When Indexed By Google Provide Tremendous Value To The Site.

Apart From Google, Searchers Also Find Reviews Authentic And Start Trusting The Brand For Its Quality Of Product And Services. Therefore, Reviews Can Give You A Full Package Of Benefits In Terms Of User Engagements, Conversion Rate, And Seo

Myth Number 5: Not All E-Commerce Website Needs Content

Seo Is Not A Miracle Tool That Will Fix The Problem If It’s In Your Content. For Google And Even User Engagement High Quality, Engaging And Appealing Content Is Required. Good Driven Content Can Get You The Top Rankings.

E-Commerce Website Mostly Doesn’t Have Content In Category Pages But They Must As They Can Ahead Of Their Competitors In This Way.

Content Is The Key To A Good Seo, So Make Sure That It Is The Best.

Myth Number 6: Algorithm Drives Seo

Tools And Methods Used By Seo People Are In The Direction That Is Accepted By Algorithms So Any Changes That Come In It Can Be Easily Predicted Before.

Myth Number 7: Any Problem Can Be Fixed By Seo

Seo Has Its Limit Too, It’s A Not A Magic Fixer. If The Sales And Content Is Not Up To The Mark, The Rankings Will Suffer And There Is Nothing Seo Can Do About It. Make Sure That The Engagement Meter Of Your Customer Is High And Your Website Strategies Up To The Mark.

Myth Number 8: Searcher Intent Marketing

There Are Usually Two Types Of Intent Here. The First One Is Research For People Who Are Gathering Data About Some Products/Service. The Second One Is To Buy, For People Who Are Ready To Purchase.

It’s Crucial That You Have Pages That Divert These People To Places That Are Significant For Them. Researchers Should Be Directed To Blog Or Something That Gives Them Some Idea About The Product. And Add Links For People Who Want To Buy Them In The Post So That They Can Get To The Relevant Page.

Now That You Know These Myths, Hopefully, You Will Find The Ranking Of Your Website Improving. Seo Is A Big And Complicated Process Which Has To Be Done Continuously For Better Results.

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