How To Secure WordPress Sites From Hackers?

WordPress Is The Renowned CMS That Is Accepted By World Wide Users And Hackers Are Always Ready To Attack On WordPress Sites.

Here Are Few Things You Should Take Care Of.

1) Keep Your WordPress, Themes And Plugins Always Updated. Yes, Always.

2) Don't Use Nulled Themes Or Plugins Ever. Because Nulled Themes Or Plugins Will Never Give You Update. And Theme Or Plugin Without Update Is Worst Thing. Because Each Time Any Vulnerability Is Discovered In Any Theme Or Plugin, Hackers Share It Openly. And The Theme Or Plugin Owner Pushes The Update To Save Their Users. But, If You're Using Outdated Version, You're Soft Target Of Such Hackers. And There Are Bunch Of Tools On Internet To Find Target Websites.

3) Either Buy Hosting From Reseller Hosting User Or Experienced Company With Good Team Of Security Experts. Very Huge Number Of Attacks Happen Because Of Server Side Vulnerability Also.

4) Keep Regular Backups. At least It'll Give You Some Hope For Recovery. But, If You've Became Target Of Hacking By Malware Or Some Spam Links, Forget That Blog. Because It's Always Tough To Recover Reputation From Google, Once Your Site Is Completely Spammed By Hackers.

5) Use WordFence Plugin In Your WordPress Blog For Safety Purpose.

6) To Stop Brute Force Attacks, Disable XML-RPC With Just One Line Of Code In Wp-config.php
Add_filter('xmlrpc_enabled', '__return_false');

7) Always Keep Your Emergency Contacts Ready To Use, Who Are Having Expertise In WordPress. You Never Know, When You'll Need Help Of Someone. Because Whenever You'll Be Attacked, You'll Have No Time To Think The Next Step. So, Be Prepared Always.

8) Make Sure You Are Using A Secured Version Of The Website And That Is HTTPS. It Secures All The Transactions That Are Done Between Web Server And Client. To Get This Secured Version Of The Website, You Must Install An SSL Certificate.

Trust Me Guys, There Is Very Huge Level Activity Going On On Dark World For Hacking.
So, Be Prepared For The Bunch Of Cyber Attacks Every Day In 2019.

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