Get The Most Out Of Google Drive With These 5 Hacks

Google Drive Is One Of The Single Most Versatile Software Suites For Businesses Today. Not Only Does It Provide You Free, Instant Access To Powerful Applications That Can Handle Word Processing, Spreadsheets, And More, But It Also Gives You Free Cloud Storage. With A Standard Free Account, The First 15 GB Of Storage Comes Included. Business Accounts Will Need To Pay For Each User, But It’s Only $1 Per 25 GB They Need.

Google Drive Can Be Used In So Many Ways That It’s Important To Know How To Maximize Everything You Get From It.
To Help You Out, Nick Hess (Google Support In Portland), Who Helps Portland, OR Businesses Migrate From Microsoft Solutions Or Other Cloud Technologies To Google Drive Offers Up 5 Google Drive Hacks Worth Knowing.

1. Collaborate Instantly

One Of The Best Uses Of Google Drives Is To Collaborate On Documents Across Teams, Offices, And Even Countries. You Can Share Your Files With Others So That They Can Update Them In Real-Time, Too. You’ll Also Have Full Control Over Permissions, So You Can Set Documents To View-Only If You Don’t Want Other People To Edit Your Hard Work. If Your Company Has Remote Workers, Multiple Locations, Or Just People Working In Different Corners Of The Office, Google Drive Will Be A Lifesaver.

2. Email Large Files

Email Suites Such As Gmail Limit The Size Of A File That You Can Send Over Email. Even Then, Sending Large Files Takes Time, Slows Down Your Inbox, And Takes Up Valuable Storage Space. Google Drive Integrates With Gmail, Allowing You To Directly Attach Google Drive Files To Your Emails. There’s No Waiting For The File To Upload And Send, And You Can Send Massive Files - Up To 15 GB With A Standard Account, Or Even Up To 1 TB If You Have A High-Paid Plan.

3. Customize With Add-Ons

One Of The Best Google Drive Hacks You Can Take To Heart Is The Fact That Google Drive Is Pretty Much Fully Customizable. You Can View A Full List Of Google Drive Apps Right Here. Some Of The Most Popular And Most Useful Apps Include Design Tools, Powerful Form Creators, Translators, And Plenty Of Bells And Whistles For The Various Google Drive Applications. By Taking The Time To Explore And Utilize Powerful Add-Ons, You’ll Be Able To Do Things With Google Drive That You Never Thought Possible.

4. Convert Documents

Google Drive Is Extremely Flexible When It Comes To Document Types. For Example, If You Have A PDF Document That You’d Like To Turn Into An Editable Word Document, You Can Simply Upload The Document To Your Drive And Choose The Option To “Open With Word”. You Can Go The Other Way, Too. If You Create A Google Document Or Upload A Word Document, You Can Save It Directly As A PDF By Simply Selecting File, Download As, And Then PDF Document.

5. Navigate Through Multiple Revisions

If Somebody Makes A Change That You Want To Undo, It’s Very Simple To Handle In Google Drive. All You Have To Do Is Take A Look At The Revision History By Going To File And Then Version History. From Here, You Can View And Restore Previous Versions Of The Document. If You’d Rather Not Let Somebody Make Unnecessary Changes Again, You Can Control Who Is Able To Edit Your Document In The Future.
Hess Concludes “Google Drive Is An Incredibly Powerful Software Suite On Its Own. By Taking The Time To Fully Explore Your Drive And Get The Hang Of These Five Google Drive Hacks, You’ll Take Your Company’s Efficiency To The Next Level!”
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