From Fab To Bad – Why Nokia Failed 🤔🤔! Why There Is Still Some Hope 😎😎

Back In The 90s, We All Were In Awe Of Our Dad’s New Gadget When They Shifted To Nokia Phones From Those Boring Pagers. And With An In-Built Game, It Was Almost About Every Child’s Dream. The Crush On Nokia Phones Was Similar To The Crush 90s Kids Had On Sridevi Or Madhuri. Now Those 90s Kids Are In Their Late 20s Or Early 30s And Many Have Probably At One Time Or Other Had The Dream Phone Of Their Childhood- Nokia Phones. But How Many Are Still Using Those Or Rather Is Anyone Still, Using Those?

Obvious Answer Is A Huge No! Nowadays Everyone Is Either Using Apple, Samsung, Oneplus, Mi Or Many Other Dozen Brands. But The Erstwhile Much Esteemed Nokia Phones Are No Longer In The Scenes, Just The Way Now Our New Crushes, Sara Ali Khan Or Deepika Had Replaced The Older Crushes. But Then Again, Aren’t Some Crushes Just Classic! So Let’s See What Lead To Eventual Disappearance Of Nokia Phones From the Market’s Centre Stage And People’s Heart.

Lack Of Improvisation
While They Developed And Brought In Newer Technologies In The Mid 90s To Early 2000s, The Company As A Whole Got Stuck On The Symbian Os, Which Aged Eventually Without Major Updates (Also Quickly, Thanks To Launch Of iPhone Os). Ios And Android Gave Its Users A Mini-Replacement Of Computers On Which You Can Do Absolutely Everything You Wished To Do On A Computer. Nokia Failed To Optimize The Much Needed Utility Of A Smartphone Which Ironically They Were Among The Very First To Develop. Nokia Launched The Very First Phone That Could Access The Web Back In 1999.

Lack Of Management Skills
When Most Of The Other Brands Were Battling For Bringing In The Dazzling Reforms In Their Phones, Nokia’s Management Board Were Struggling With Internal Rivalries. Even When They Were Spending An All-Time Highest R&D Expenditure In 2008 Of Over Us $6.73 Bn It Was Followed By Announcements Of These Phones In 2008, 2009 & 2010 Which Weren’t Up To The Market Expectations. 

Considering That iPhone Was Already Launched In 2007, Customers Expected Some Kind Of Improvisations In Both Software And Hardware Which Nokia Failed To Deliver.

Partnership With Microsoft
Partnership With Microsoft Was Another Chapter In Nokia’s Story. Under The New Ceo Stephen Elop, Nokia Signed A Partnership Deal With Microsoft And Adopted The Windows Os. While This Move Was Expected To Be A Boon To The Nokia Story, It Didn’t Work. The Biggest And The Fatal Drawback Of Windows Os Was The Lack Of Third-Party Support Which Basically Means That There Were Very Few Apps On The App Store Compared To The Ios, Android Or Even Nokia Predecessor, Symbian App Stores.
At The Same Time, Users Who Were Initially Excited About New Tile Interface Soon Got Bored As Well As Found The Lack Of Finesse In The Windows Os.

Boxed From All Sides
While Brands Like Apple And Samsung Started Gaining Popularity In The Middle And Upper Range Smartphones Taking Away The Reign From Nokia, At The Same Time, Other Smaller Brands Like Htc, Hcl, Lg, Zte Started Knocking Nokia Out Of The Lower Range Smartphones As Well. Fall Of Nokia Was A Result Of Not Only Lack Of Management And Technical Skill Of The Top Brass But Also Due To The Launch Of Apple, Ios, Android And Re-Invention Of Samsung As Well.

Why There Is Still Some Hope

A New Fresh Start
In 2016, Nearing The Conclusion Of The Non-Compete Clause With Microsoft After The Sale Of Nokia Mobile And Devices Division To Them, Nokia Announced It Would Again Get Into The Consumer Electronics Division. It Also Entered Into A Licensing Deal With HMD Global, A New Start-Up, Giving The Right To Manufacturing Of Nokia-Branded Phones And Tablets Outside Japan In Collaboration With Foxconn.
The Very Next Year In 2017, Nokia Launched Nokia 6, Nokia 5, Nokia 3 And Nokia 3310.

Durability And Camera Quality
If Any Nokia User Is Asked To Rate The Best Quality Of Their Nokia Handset, There’s No Doubt That The Top 2 Options Would Be Its Durability And Amazing Camera Quality. Nokia Phones, Since The Very First, Were The Champions Of Durable Phones. With This, They Have Strong Partnership With Zeiss For Optics And Ensures That Timely Software Updates Are Built Effectively Into The Camera.

Flawless Software Updates
While Most Of The Companies Offer A Limited Time Android And Security Updates For The Handsets, Not Many Are Effective Enough In Providing Those Latest Android Updates Or Security Updates Which Are Quite Crucial In The Performance Of The Device. Many A Times, Even The Latest Handsets Don’t Have The Latest Updates.
A Recent Study Observed That Nokia Is Really A Trailblazer In This Aspect. Nearly 96% Of Its Handsets Sold Since Q3 Of 2018 Were Already Running Android Pie Or Had The Update Issued For Those Models Making It The Fastest Brand

It Is Evident That Nokia Isn’t Out Of The Game Yet! Hmd Filled The Shoes Of Effective Management Which Nokia Lacked Earlier And Also Filled The Technical Lags. Also With The Announcement Of The Launch Of Nokia 9 Pureview, Expectations Of The Market And The Customers Are Still There! 

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