Microsoft Teams: A Multitasker Chat App

One Of The Major Highlights Of Microsoft’s Today’s Launch Was Its Revamped Version Of Teams, Which Now Not Only Increases Your Work Productivity But Also Lets You Organize And Connect With Your Family And Friends.

Teams Not Only Lets You Chat But Also Lets You Do Video Chats; Delegate The Household Chores Of The Day To All The Family Members Or Assign Them Tasks When Planning A Part Or Some Event; Edit Calendar In The Group Chat Itself So You And Your Family Won't Have To Go Scrapping Up Late-night Last-minute Projects; Along With Providing In-app Access To Cloud Storage So You Can Share Important Files Right Then And There Instead Of Having To Click A Dozen More Times Just To Share A File.

Another Important Feature Of The App Is Letting The Members Of The Group Share And Store Confidential Information Like Passwords, Insurance Details, Ids, Membership Details, Etc. Along With Sharing Each Other’s Location To Co-ordinate Efficiently. The App Also Lets You And Your Family Be On Top Of Things By Keeping Each And Every Member In Sync With The Edits Made By Any Group Members. 

This Go-to Productivity App For Work And Family Will Be Available Over All The Devices Like Windows, Mac, Linux, Androids And Ios With These New Features Launching Soon.

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