Chingari App Indigenous Alternative For Tiktok Fans Who Love Country More Than The App

Not Just In India But All Around The World, The Voices Are Raising To Boycott China-based Products, Software, And Even Hardware. And It Totally Makes Sense Due To Their Continuous Behavior Of Hiding The Truth To Maintain Its Image And Attain Global Power, It Has Happened In The Past And Will Happen In The Future Too.

But Don’t We All Like TikTok, Maybe Using It To Create Content But More Often To Spend Time When We Are Bored. This TikTok Alternative Is Your Answer And At The Same Time, It’s An Indian Product! So YAY For #VocalForLocal

Boycotting The Chinese Made Products Would Be Our Tiny Contribution To Our Nation And Should Be Our 1st Priority During These War-like Times At The Border. The More These Companies Earn, The More Money China Has And This Extra Money Goes To Buy Weapons That Are Used By China Against Our Soldiers At The Border. 

If Not For The Nation, Then Do It For The Soldiers That Has Laid Their Lives To Protect Us Without Even Thinking For A Second If They Will Ever See Their Family Ever Again.


It’s A Video Sharing App That Does All That TikTok Does But Way Better Than Them. You Can Not Only Share Videos, Create Amazing Content, Easily Create Personalized WhatsApp Statuses, And Show Off Your Talent But Also Can Even Chat With Your Friends! It’s The All In One Application.

What Makes It Another Notch Better Than TikTok Is The Multiple Languages Available To Use! You Can Be You, Create Content, And Even Use The In-app Functions In Your Language. There Are Over 9 Indian Languages In Which The App Is Available And We Can Soon Expect To See Some More Added To Them Very Soon.


Well, You Are In Luck Because You Don’t Need To Download A Pirated Version Or Anything Because It Is Available Right In Your Play Store Or App Store.

The App Has Over 100k+ Downloads And Counting On Google Play Store With 4+ Rating. While On The IOS Store It Has Already Reached 42nd Position In The List Of Social Networking And Has A 3.6 Average Rating. These Are Some Pretty Cool Stats To Achieve In A Market Already Filled With Some Huge Names And In A Span Of Just 1 Year.


Get This App Right Away And Support PM’s Much Appreciated The Message Of #VocalForLocal. The App Is One Of The Best Alternatives Available Right Now And Some Of The Reasons To Download It Is The Developers Are Very Keen On Updating The App And Regularly Come Up With Cool Updates And They Respect Users’ Privacy And Doesn’t Sell Data In The Market Or To The Government (You Know If You Know 😉), So All The While You Will Be Enjoying Using This Application, You Will Also Be Keeping Your Data Safe!

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