Ahmedabad Health Care Company Gets Technology Tie Up With NASA To Manufacture Ventilators In India

Electra Healthcare Is A Protrude Of Electrotherm Group Founded In 1983 And Specializes In Revolutionizing Industries, With Their Expertise And Engineering To Better And Ease Life Around The World. Electrotherm Group Has Over 37 Years Of Reputation With Establishment In 58 Countries Around The Globe Leading Advancement In Fields Such As Renewables, Electric Vehicles, Steel And Engineering Technologies.

With Global Pandemic Affecting Billions Of Lives On Global Scale, NASA_JPL Fast Tracked Into Developing A Sustainable And Reliable Ventilator To Aid The Crisis And Developed VITAL Ventilator. NASA’s “VITAL Ventilator” Is Already FDA Approved Under EUA As An Emergency Ventilator. Electra Healthcare Is One Of The Few Competent Companies To Procure Licenses To Manufacture And Sell Ventilators Globally. It Is The One Of The 27 Companies Across The Globe Who Were Selected For The Technical Tie Up. More Than 5000 Companies Had Applied And The Successful Ones Were Selected After A Vigorous Background And Capability Check.

Brief On The Ventilator

Electra Ventilator Which Is Simple, Effective And Reliable. Electra Ventilator Is An Emergency Ventilator, And Is One Of The Recommended Devices For Covid-19 Patients. It Is Unique, Versatile And Designed For Acutely Ill Patients. With Engineering Expertise Electra Extends With Fabricating Customized Healthcare App With Electra Tab To Increase Reach Of Healthcare Workers. With Installations In Both Private And Government, Electra Ventilator Satisfactorily Meets Demands Of Those Who Require Aggressive Ventilator Support In A Variety Of Clinical States, Which May Include Low Compliance, High Resistance, Hypoxia And Hypercapnia.

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