Download Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO [Updated]

There are different ways to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 or update from Windows 10 to Anniversary Update: via Windows Update or using the Media Creation Tool. But here I will talk about the best, easiest and the common method for upgrading from Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and even for updating from Windows 10 to the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update. That is by downloading the ISO file and upgrading with it. You can upgrade any PC with the ISO file, but you just have to download it once. You can also use the ISO file to create a bootable drive and do a clean install.
Check your PC.
Open System Properties on your PC (press Windows + X, and then press Y, or on Windows 7 right click on Computer and click on Properties) and check the Windows edition and System type. You will need to know this for the next steps.

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Download the ISO file.
  1. Open this link on Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer: Press F12 to open Developer Tools. Go to Emulation and change User agent string to IE11 - WP8.1. OR Directly Open this Link Microsoft Windows 10 Download After Opening Link In Google Chrome Browser Press (Ctrl+Shift+C) So Page Open In Mobile Device Mode,Now Refresh The Page.
  2. Select edition: Select Windows 10 (if you have Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro) or Windows 10 Single Language (if you have Windows 8 Single Language, Windows 8.1 Single Language) and click Confirm.
  3. Select the product language: Select English and click Confirm.
  4. Click on 64-bit Download. Click 32-bit Download only if your System type is 32-bit.
  5. Click Save to download the ISO file. It will take some time depending on your internet speed.
The latest ISO file name and size:
  • Win10_1607_English_x64: 4.07 GB
  • Win10_1607_SingleLang_English_x64: 3.99 GB
  • Win10_1607_English_x32: 3.14 GB
  • Win10_1607_SingleLang_English_x32: 3.08 GB
The file name depends on the edition you select in step 2 above, so make sure it is correct. The latest ISO version 1607 includes all updates released for Windows 10 until the Anniversary Update in August 2016 including security, non-security and cumulative updates. The OS build of this ISO file is 14393. Install the latest updates in Windows Update in Settings after upgrading to Windows 10 as in step 9 below or by selecting Download and install updates as in step 3 below while upgrading.
  • Links are valid for 24 hours from time of creation. If you couldn’t download within 24 hours, please follow the steps above again.
  • The Windows 10 edition in step 2 have both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro editions.
  • In step 3 English is English US and English International is English UK. It is better to select English, you can change the language later after upgrading to Windows 10.

Upgrade to Windows 10 with the ISO file.

  1. Open the ISO file by double clicking on it. (You will have to use a software like WinRAR to open/extract the ISO on Windows 7.)
  2. Double click setup.
  3. Get important updates: Select Download and install updates and click Next.
  4. Checking your PC: This will take some time.
  5. License terms: Click Accept.
  6. Making sure you’re ready to install: This might take a bit longer. Just be patient and wait.
  7. Choose what to keep: Select Keep personal files and apps and click Next. If it is already selected by default, just click Next.
  8. Ready to install: Click Install.
  9. Installing Windows 10: Your PC will restart several times. This might take a while.
  10. After Windows 10 is installed, open Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and click on Check for updates. Install all the updates. This includes updates for Windows 10 and drivers.
  • If it asks for Product Key in step 4, that means you are using the wrong ISO edition or your current Windows is not activated.

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