Visual Studio 2017 RC 😍 Formally Announces By Microsoft!

Visual Studio 2017 Includes Support For Great Mobile Development, Streamlines Cloud Development, And Greatly Boosts Developer Productivity With Improvements For Everything From IntelliSense To Unit Testing To Performance.

Visual Studio 2015 Included Some Core Refactorings: Extract Method Or Interface, Change Method Signature, Inline Temporary Variable, Introduce Local Variable, And Remove Unnecessary Usings And Imports. Visual Studio 2017 RC Expands The Set Of Refactorings And Fixes To Help You Maintain A Readable Code Base And Catalyze Your Development Workflows. For Example, A Significant Number Of Developers Initially Write All Their Classes, Interfaces, And Other Types In A Single File And Then Extract Each Type Into A File With The Matching Name Later. Visual Studio 2017 RC Expedites This Process With The Refactoring Option “Move Type To Matching File.”

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Visual Studio 2017 Released 😍😍 What's New In Visual Studio 2017?

The New Refactoring Options Include:-
  • Sync File And Type Name
  • Convert Property To Method
  • Use Object Initializer
  • Convert Null-check + Throw To Use ?? + Throw
  • Convert String.Format To Interpolated String
  • Make Method Synchronous
  • Add Missing Case
  • Add Braces
What's New in Visual Studio 2017?

What's new for UWP developers in Visual Studio 2017?

Visual Studio 2017 Has New Productivity Tools To Help Universal Windows Platform Developers Accelerate Development. In This Video, We Show How, With New XAML Power Tools, New Debugging Tools, Faster Installation, And More, The Universal Windows Platform Development Tools Have Never Been Better.

What's new for Desktop Developers in Visual Studio 2017?

Visual Studio 2017 Comes Loaded With Many Features To Help You Be Even More Productive When Building Great Desktop Apps. With Faster Performance, Improvements To Debugging And Code Authoring, And So Much More, Developing Your Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), WinForms, Or Win32 Console Apps Is Now Easier, Faster, And More Powerful.

There Are Many New Features Add In Visual Studio 2017 To Know More Check Microsoft's Blog.

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