Which Is Best Mac Or Windows?

While Selecting OS Between Windows & Mac It Is Always Headache.
 Which Is Best Mac Or Windows 😵?
Mac Users Says Mac Is Best And Windows Users Says Windows Is Best.
By The Way, Both Are Best According To Particular Use

So, Let’s See In Which Is Best For You

1.Different Models:-
In Windows, We Get Many Models Like SurfaceBook, NoteBook, UltraBook.Tablet-Pc, All In One PC, Assembled PC From Different Brands Like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, etc.
But In Mac, We Get Limited Varieties Like MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro,iMac, etc.
In Windows, We Can Upgrade Hardware Easily As Per Requirement While In Mac There Is Limited Scope For  Upgrading.
So, In Terms Of Upgrading, Variety Windows Is Best.

2.Software Performance:-
In Terms Of Software Performance, No Doubt Mac Is Best Because Apple Makes Own Hardware & Software So System Is More Stable & System Crash Chances Are Very Low.
While In Windows Microsoft Make Windows OS Only And Sell The OS To Different Brands So Performance May Be Not Good As Expection.So Many Times Windows OS Is Crashed Or Required Particular Drivers For Smooth Experience.

3. Use For:-
If U Wanna Play Game Then Mac Is Not For You. Mac Is Not For Gaming Because Gaming Performance Is Very Poor in Mac. So, For Playing Games Windows Is Only An Option.
For Photo/Video Editing Or Audio/Video Production Mac Beat Windows Easily Because Performance Is Very Good & Apple Also Provides Good Softwares So, You Can Work Smoothly.

4.Virus Attacks:-
Virus This Is The Main Question While Choosing The OS.Many People Thinks In Mac OS Is Virus Proof But This Is Wrong, In Mac OS Virus Attacks Is Also Possible But Mac OS Market Share Is Approx 8-10% So, Most Of the Hackers Make Virus For Windows Not For Mac.
In Windows OS Virus Attack Is Normal So In Windows OS, You Need To Use License Anti-Virus & May Be Format The System.

5.Software Availability:-
We All Know That We Can Get Easily Any Softwares In Windows OS While In Mac OS We Can’t Get Most Of the Softwares But We Get Most Of the Softwares From Big Brands.
Ex:-Microsoft Office Is Easily Available On Mac Os.

6.Price: -
We All Thinks That Mac Is Very Costly In Compare To Windows.

Actually, This Is Not 100% True
Yes, Mac Is Start From Rs. 60,000 While Windows Is Start From Rs. 10,000 So We Think Mac Is Costly But When U Compare It With Surface Pro Or Alien ware It Is Not Costly.


So, In Particular Department Both Are Best.
So, According To Usage & Requirement Choose Which Is Best For You!

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